Dolph hosting "SOMMAR" Swedish radio show (2008)

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Postby dolphage on 26 Jul 2008, 15:02

Jox wrote:
dolphage wrote:Transcribing it is such a big task... I mean, you all really should hear/read this show but it´s so timeconsuming to transcribe the whole thing. I´ll have to see...

No longer need to, someone beat you to it!

Thank God! I was nervous I´d have to transcribe it!

Is Rambo88 on this forum too?
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Postby Jox on 26 Jul 2008, 16:55

I don't think he is.

I wondering how much prep Dolph put into this one, because as I re-read it it seems like he wrote it, in the way of a short story, it's somehow very literary and poetic (which tells a lot given I can tell that just from the translation!)...
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Postby dolphage on 28 Jul 2008, 23:16

Absolutely. It was very thought out.
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Postby Mosquito on 03 Aug 2008, 08:57

Very nice. The only thing that is a bit sad: He once talks about his caring mother and how she cared for them and took most of the crap from his father. And then he keeps on talking about his bad father and never mentiones his mother again. Wonder what became of her. Always the destiny of good mothers: they are the silent ones in the backround that just vanish somehow.
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Postby Jox on 03 Aug 2008, 17:24

Good point. I guess he had more to express about his father, whose figure seems to have helped him grow in both admiration and opposition (like most father/son relationships I guess). Sometimes it can be harder talk about the good things or good people we have. I think his mother has passed away too but I don't remember where I read he mentioned it.
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Postby Jox on 17 Jan 2009, 15:57

According to this article below, the "Sommar" show hosted by Dolph is has become the 3rd most downloaded show on the SR website.

As mentioned elsewhere it really struck a cord in Sweden (a lot with women it seems notably), Dolph has become highly demanded there and his popularity picked (right after the US, 8% visitors on Dolph's and CP sites are from Sweden now which wasn't the case before). ... t-tjuvarna
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Postby The Robin on 18 Jan 2009, 11:58

The link for the translated transcripts doesn't seem to work anymore. Did anybody by any chance happen to copy and save it?

I'm eager now to read it from how good you guys say it is.
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Re: Dolph hosting swedish radio show.

Postby Jox on 04 Apr 2010, 17:24

Here's a blog (in English) reporting on this now infamous SOMMAR radio show, that finally got Dolph to earn respect and recognition in Sweden: ... -lundgren/
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Postby Jox on 15 Oct 2010, 14:42

Jox wrote:Transcript here!!! Almost anything you always wished to know is in here!

Many thanks to Rambo88 of the StalloneZone forum who took the time to translate and transcribe it! ... 445&page=2

It's not on there anymore so here's a re-post of Rambo88's translated transcript:
Dolph Lundgren -- Sommar i P1

I took a car trip in December a couple of years ago when I was home in Sweden. The trip went from Stockholm up to Ångermanland (Swedish landscape) where I grew up as a teenager. I arrived with my sister, who lives in Sundsvall, and a part of her family in Nyland (town), which is located about half an hour north of Kramfors (town) along the Ångerman-river.
Nyland is very beautiful this time of year, but on this winter afternoon, it was pitch black and the snow was pouring down. I stopped the car, looked around and said: "Lets go down to Konsum (supermarket)- it used to be located down there". So I drove down the unplowed streets, past the courthouse, and as I thought, Konsum was on the same place it had been since the end of the seventies - the last time I saw this little municipal community Nyland, where it lives about a thousand souls. I ran inside and asked a few people after an old buddy from elementary school, I wondered if he by chance still lived around these parts. "Yes, ask the man outside" was the answer from a young cashier. I rushed back out in the whirling snow and caught up to an elderly man who was about to step in to his car. He answered immediately on my question: "Yeah, Kent Andersson, he lives with his mother up on the hill there by the school". So when I thanked him for the help and turned around to leave, the older man said: "Hang on a minute". I stopped and turned around. The man gazed through the whirling snow and said:
"Hey, aren't you that movie guy?" . Yeah, he was actually right. I am one of those movie guys. My name is Dolph Lundgren, work as an actor and director, and today, I'm your SOMMAR host.

[Song: Ångermanälven - Leppe Sundevall]

Hi again, dear radio listeners, I hope you enjoyed Leppe Sundevall and the accordion music. I've always enjoyed accordions, it reminds me of my hometown. I was born in Stockholm a half century ago, and spent my first 25 years in Sweden. The other half of my life, I've lived abroad, mainly in USA and England. The Swedish people mostly knows me from my movies where i run around with rifles, knives, grenades, shoots people and knocks them down. It's been a lot of that for the last twenty years. But now I'm sitting here in the studio in the Radiohouse looking out over a beautiful summer-Sweden and I will tell you a little about who I really am, and what has characterized me and driven me before you read about me in the tabloids. How I grew up as a shy little allergic kid in the suburbs of Stockholm and later in Ångermanland. How I studied chemistry, how I began training karate, got scholarships and eventually turned up in Hollywood. Something I'd never thought of when I daydreamed at home in Spånga (town). My two sisters and my brother playing while my mother filled up the dishwasher in the kitchen.

Life - is an adventure. An action movie you might say. We are all heroes in our own very personal movie, which script we haven't read yet, maybe that's for the best. One of my earliest memories from Sweden is from Lejonbacken by the Stockholm Castle. It's
summer and I'm sitting on my dad's wide shoulders, in eager expectation looking out over shimmering water. My dad points, and suddenly I see something. On Gustav Adolfs square, across the stream, the sun reflects itself in the brass instruments, polished helmets, and shiny bayonets. The guard relieving are marching up on Norrbro, the sound of a whirling drum reaches us with the wind. I'm five years old.

[Song: Under blågul fana - Svenska Armens musikkår]

I worshiped my father as a child. He was my biggest idol. Officer in the Swedish Artillery. When my father went on military exercise on Sundays as a reserve, I got to tag along sometimes. In the car on the way there, I transformed in to General Lundgren and he to my chauffeur, with only a lousy Captain's rank. It was a dizzy feeling to give your big dad orders, he was 1,95 cm long, the same length I would grow to later.
He always answered my orders with a correct: "Yes, General". My family used to drive up to Ångermanland when I was older to visit my grandparents.
It was me, my mother and father, my siblings Annika, Katharina and Johan. My parents, dad engineer, mom language researcher
where very well behaved. It was exactly two years between every child. My dad had bought an American Willis Jeep sometime in the mid-sixties and painted it green and white. It drew a lot of attention at that time, especially on the countryside, to me and my siblings big irritation. We tried to hide ourselves from the windows and wanted nothing else but to be in a normal, ordinary Volvo. It was embarrassing. I realized later of course what a special experience that was. My dad had fixed name tags over our special seats in the car. We four children where in the backseat and mom and dad in the front. My dad had named the car "Piggen Piggo" - with a special name tag of course. Where the name came from is to this day a big mystery.
It took two days to get to Nyland. It was only six hundred kilometers, but dads and Piggen Piggo's marching speed was only 40 km/h. Again, very embarrassing of course. But us children thought Norrland (landscape) was cozy. The people - they where so different - more real. And my grandmother made such good juice.

[Song: Fröken Fräken -Sven Ingvars]

You're listening to "Summer". My name is Dolph Lundgren. I got a mail when I was in the 4th grade. Big news. I'd been selected to vote in the "Top Ten"-jury (musical Radio show)
Sven-Ingvars with "Lilla Söta Fröken Fräken" won, but I voted for "Boots" with Nancy Sinatra. You know, "These boots are made for walking". Sexy, I thought. I started to get on my toes -
with chicks that was. But there weren't many girls that got turned on by that shy, thin, red haired Hans, or Hasse as I was called back then. My best friend, Perry, was dark haired
and got all the girls. Oh well,at least I got to dance with my secret love, Ulla Mattson, at the class party. Maybe she saw something in me that nobody else saw at that time. I thought
she was super sexy with very beautiful legs. I was just ten years old, she was my first big love. Nothing happened between me and Ulla, but we danced to "The Fab 4" .The Beatles
where already gods out in the world, even in little Sweden. They sang about the Soviet Union, the nuclear wars archenemy to the west and NATO. A nation I would later represent myself
on the silver screen. But in the end of the sixties, little Hasse was happily unaware of that.

[Song: Back In the USSR - The Beatles]

"Back in the USSR" by The Beatles. Little Hasse later became Hansa, a punk you call it today, a hooligan they said then. Or as the school psychologist said to my beloved father :
"A trouble maker". I got some problems in my early teens, both at home and in school. My dad had his problems with his career which affected his temper which mostly went out over
my mother. My dear mother. She was an angel who took care of our family, worked and struggled, made food, washed, ironed - all without help. A newborn child, a two-year old, a four-year
old and me, who was about to start school. I still cannot understand how she managed all of this - it's unbelievable. My dads bad temper also went out over me, the oldest child. I got yelled at and beaten. I think that was a big reason why I started with Judo and Karate. You didn't whine and was used to get a punch, simply. My dads physical violence got worse and worse, it doesn't matter how cruel a parent is with his child, the child still loves his parents back. This time was a nightmare for me. My big idol hit me and I was of course confused, scared and often took the blame myself for what had just happened. I also got to hear that I was a "no-good punk that would never amount to anything". I went to school and tried to hide my bruises and my bloody scalp where the hair had come loose when my dad had pulled it. My self esteem soon hit bottom and the same happened with the grades. By the age of thirteen, I was drawn to the schools bullies. I started to smoke Prince, drink alcohol (well, you puked pretty quick so there where no harm done). I spent my evenings at a youth yard looking at the latest movies so I didn't have to be at home with my dad. You took a chair, sat down where you pleased in the room, maybe opened a smuggled-in beer. One of my favorite movies was "Easy Rider".

[Song: Born To Be Wild - Steppenwolf]

This is Dolph Lundgren, you just listened to Steppenwolfs "Born To Be Wild". The freeminded and rebellious culture of the seventies also hit Sundby High School in Spånga. It ended up with me getting a B in order and behavior, lousy grades and ran away from home. My dad said that "that was enough" and I was sent my grandparents in Nyland to be disciplined. Johan and Gärda was more strict then my dad but they where older and a little tamer. My father was still in physical top shape - you didn't joke around with him. You could smoke,drink beer and try to steal mopeds in Nyland as well so I remained a trouble maker up there for a year more. Then I started to realize that you could also go skiing, play hockey and actually study. To be away from my dad was very important for me as well. To get back on my feet again emotionally. Maybe it was so that Karl-Hugo actually realized that he himself had something to do with his teenage son's problems. Maybe he realized that his sensitive son was to much like himself.
That was something he couldn't stand. So either if he knew it or not, he had transformed his son to a more though goal driven version of himself through his violent behavior. A version that now would have the strength enough to be a competing sportsman and more importantly, to achieve his own dreams. Something my dad never had a chance to do. From a poor family of four children, he was chosen to go down to Stockholm and go to College and succeed in life. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. He ended his days as a lonely, very unhappy old man, who in his hard struggle after success had lost both his family and friends. My dads love-hate became my driving force, for good and bad. He have also been my idol and a very positive raw model in many ways. I know that I resemble him in my looks, I like history and the military, nice costumes. I can have a moody temper, but I don't hit women and children, not even on film. When my dad died in the year 2000, I cried at his funeral. I know that he somewhere knows that I, Hans, forgive him, understand him and that I will always love him. My dad.

[Song: My Fathers Eyes - Eric Clapton]

"My Fathers Eyes" by Eric Clapton. In Norrland, summer sports were something to forget. As someone said: "Up here in Norrland, there's 10 months winter and 3 months bad skiing weather. The most tough Norrland-guys who had girlfriends practiced some kind of sport. I wanted to be tough, so I did 25 push ups in front of the bed every night - you have to start somewhere, don't you.

[Song: Kung Fu Fighting - Carl Douglas]

I use to train to Carl Douglas and Kung Fu Fighting. Feel a suddent urge to train, huh? I just did a couple of push ups in the studio.

Bruce Lee and Kung Fu was huge on the big screen in the seventies and in real life I discovered first Judo and then Karate. A martial art that would change my life on many levels - not only physical but also mentally and emotionally.
It was "the way out" for the little sickly, unsure kid who always felt he wasn't good enough or cool enough - didn't belong anywhere. A kid who felt he had been abandoned by his big idol, his father.
Now I found new ideals, in the world of sports. Most of all my Sensei, British Brian Fitkin, who was head trainer at Stockholm's Karate Kai and later would lead me to competitive successes in Sweden and internationally. Brian, and other Karate instructors, had much influence on my maturity from a boy to a young man. They gave me a chance to prove that I actually was good enough and more. That also I was worth something. I trained more, studied harder, even started to get muscles and my allergy improved. With this my self esteem slowly came back. At the same time I started to realize that there was a whole world out there. I wanted to travel and experience it. I remember that I was laying in bed in the evening and dreamed about the big journey to the land in the west. USA, where everything seemed possible. I daydreamed and listened to "The Man" - Barry White.

[Song: What am I gonna do with you? - Barry White]

That was Barry White with "What am I gonna do with you?". I first came to New York City when I was 24 years old. Suddenly, I was standing on Manhattan and felt that my life would change in some way, I didn't know how. I had pulled it together and worked really hard in five years, got scholarships in chemistry, graduated The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, studied in both USA and Australia and at the same time managed to become champion in Karate in both Sweden, Europe and Australia. But I was still a very unexperienced young man on many levels. I had a Karate Club at the University in Sydney. Me and my sparring partner Mark worked extra as guards on different concerts to get some money. But nothing would ever be the same again after I during a concert laid eyes on the American singer Grace Jones, who had been a Bond girl and fought against Arnold Schwarzenegger in "Conan". Or, more exactly, when Grace laid her eyes on me.

[Song: Pull Up To The Bumper - Grace Jones]

Miss Grace Jones and "Pull Up To The Bumper". Yeah, my poor mother and father had seen two things when it came to Grace Jones. First, they saw a video on TV where Grace, dressed in high heels, a mans costume and short hair marched over a scene with a dozen of her body doubles. Then a day later, a picture in Expressen(newspaper) with Grace and her new, Swedish boyfriend. Their, as they thought, good engineering-studying son. I didn't have the guts to tell them how my life had changed. I simply didn't dare to call home. It wasn't strange that account director and reserve officer Lundgren, my dad, got "caught up in something" when Grace for the first time came to Sweden with the homosexual designer Sixten Herrgård as host to visit her boyfriends family. My mother on the other hand thought that Grace was very nice and sympathetic. Grace and I was a colorful and odd combination. The hot black singer and the blond Scandinavian athlete. Together we made the New York night life unsafe for a couple of years in the middle of the eighties. Andy Warhol, graffiti artist Keith Harring, Calvin Klein, supermodel Iman, Johnny Versace, everyone was a part of Graces, and now our, large circle of friends. Graces friends was stunned over this innocent young man who went up to train every morning at 5. For myself I wondered how everyone could stay up so late. Why didn't these people ever get tired?

[Song: Cocaine - Eric Clapton]

This is Dolph Lundgren and we just listened to Eric Clapton with "Cocaine". Yeah, drugs were taken completely open at that time on restaurants and clubs in New York. I'd rarely seen any drugs before and didn't understand anything. Maybe it was for the best that I had my training and sports to concentrate on, otherwise it could have gone really bad. Others didn't have my luck. Only a decade later, a lot of mine and Graces friends would be gone. The most usual causes where drugs and AIDS. Many beautiful, talented and wonderful people, especially "he gay crowd who I would never laugh with again or learn about their big appetite for life. But it was in New York I finally started to find myself and get a chance to use my childhood memories and inner energy. All of those things I had hid away throughout the years. The music, the painting, my interest in theater from the middle grade, it was a way to express myself as a child. Now, in New York, i began to study acting and loved it immediately. It may be hard to explain, but author David Mamet put it best: "Nobody with a happy childhood ever went in to show business". The big decision came after I with a leather-dressed Grace Jones on my motorcycle had driven up to Boston to continue with my scholarship in chemistry at MIT. How it worked? Not so good. Chemistry had sort of lost its lure compared to...yeah, you know, there's no business like show business...

[Song: Eye Of The Tiger - Survivor]

Survivor with "Eye Of The Tiger". I had seen Rocky III on cinema in Sydney when I studied down there. Little did I know that Rocky's new opponent a couple of years later would be - yeah, you know who. I was rejected immediately during the first casting I went to for Rocky IV in New York. "To tall". You could only be 1,90 cm. nuts, I thought. I can't let this thing slip away. So I took pictures of myself in boxing gear for my last dollar bills. I worked as a bouncer in New York at the time. I sent the pictures through my acting teacher to one of his friends who said he maybe knew someone who maybe could get these pictures to Sly Stallone. "Haha, that's never gonna work" everyone said."What are you gonna be? A movie-star? Hahaha" laughed the guys at the gym in Manhattan. Three or four months later, when I was in London, I got a call from a breathless secretary from Stallone's office in LA. He'd been asked to track down this mysterious swede from the pictures. It hadn't been to easy judging from his enormous relief when I answered the phone. I was flown in to LA a week later and was taken in a cab to Paramount Studios, which is located very beautiful between the palm trees with the Hollywood sign behind it. There was a kind of magic to go through the studio gates. I met Sylvester Stallone in person in his office. He was dressed in training shorts and tank top. I was of course mighty impressed and very nervous. Starstruck, as you say. Had a hard time getting the words out. A little short, I thought for myself. But well trained. He had long hair, he was just about to shoot one of those Rambo-movies.
So we took pictures together in boxing gear and he showed me a dozen of folders with photos and resumes of other hopeful candidates to Rocky's next opponent. Five thousand guys, I later found out. I got a script and Sly wanted me to train with weights and put on about 10 kg of muscles. I was already in good shape because of my background in Karate but as an athlete you where more focused on not getting knocked out for real then to look good on film. I thought Stallone was very nice. Just like any other mortal. Well, almost. My big Hollywood adventure had just begun.

[Song: Living in America - James Brown]

"Living in America" with and by "the hardest working man in show business" - James Brown. Six months later, after many interviews with different producers, daily hard exercise and a tough screen test in LA against two real Russians, I was back in Manhattan. The days went by and after a week I got a phone call from Stallone - I got the role as Captain Ivan Drago in Rocky IV. The two Russians yelled and ranted during the screen test, much like Mr.T Clubber Lang, in the previous Rocky-movie. Me on the other hand had chosen to play the Russian Drago as a cold, focused with all feelings under the surface. Stallone liked that apparently because that training we did together for five months to prepare us for the shooting was all physical. It was four hours a day with boxing and weight training. Ivan Drago remained a iceberg. A fighting machine who was being exploited by the evil Soviet government against the individualistic Rocky Balboa from the US of A. Kind of cliché, but it worked. And then some. The movie premiered in Westwood, LA. I went in to the cinema as Grace Jones boyfriend and came out 95 minutes later as movie star Dolph Lundgren.

[Soundclip from the Rocky IV-fight]

"I must break you". That's how it sounded back then. Me and Stallone fought for three weeks to shoot this concluding boxing match which only is about 10-15 minutes in the movie. We both took some real hits during shoot and Stallone actually went to the hospital for two weeks with broken ribs and a heart muscle inflammation. That's what they said, or was it just because the studio wanted to get some money from the insurance? Either way, it was a good story. All cameras where now pointed at me. I was now a chemistry-studying Karate-professional from little Sweden on his way to be famous over the whole world. There where endless PR-tours on all continents, even in Sweden, where I immediately embarrassed myself by speaking English instead of Swedish during a TV-interview. Dolph - I took the name after I got the part in Rocky IV. New name, new life. It was just like a movie. The unknown
contender from Sweden had after years of struggle finally stepped in to the ring and the blinding spotlight.

[Song: Gonna Fly Now - Bill Conti]

"Gonna Fly Now" by Bill Conti. Japan, Australia, South America, Europe - my new Dolph-fans where everywhere. But they didn't know me as a person but as a character or in the best case from my image in media. It's very hard for anyone to be famous, especially when you are from Sweden. And especially from little Nyland. Americans are used to see celebrities and in USA the line "There's no such thing as a ordinary life" is a common fact. Everyone is in some way prepared to get rich and famous. I'm still not used to being famous, which I now find to be very good. You should never get used to it, you should keep your integrity and more importantly your mental balance. You must learn to tell the difference from your own identity and the image the society thinks that you have or want you to have. Otherwise,it can end really bad. As we see every week in tabloids all over the world. Just find a tabloid from five-ten years ago and see who's still in the spotlight. Of course I didn't have a clue about this when my big PR-ride started about twenty years ago. And it almost went straight to hell.

[Song: Highway to Hell - AC/DC]

"Highway to Hell" with AC/DC. The movie industry in USA is a d**n though one. People laugh at Sylvester Stallone for example. "He's stupid, bad actor" and so on. Why don't you try to write, direct and shoot a movie which earns a couple of 100 million dollars. Stallone has done just that a half dozen times. You can't be stupid, as they say in Norrland. Hollywood was extremely tough for a young Swede. I had many set backs in the beginning with bad advisors, managers who stole my money, girlfriends who did everything to make me fall and so on. But I've always had the attitude that there's no one else's fault, I've chosen this business with my own free will and it's up to me to have the strength to survive. With time I learned to control my career and at the same time keep my integrity and my roots. But all negative aspects aside - I have a wonderful
work. I feel extremely lucky for what I've experienced during these last 20 years and maybe a couple of years more if you're lucky. Clint is 78, believe it or not. As another actor, Jimmy Stewart, said at one time: "It's not how good you are, it's how long you last". A big part of my success I must address another person. Anette - a wonderful, sweet, very special Swedish woman who I met on Manhattan about four or five years after Rocky IV. At that time her last name was Qviberg. After many ifs and buts and hard labor from my part, her last name now is Lundgren since many years. One of our first songs as newly loved was sung by
Lisa Stansfield. The title says it all.

[Song: "Been Around The World - Lisa Stansfield]

"Been Around The World" with Lisa Stansfield. So it turned out that also little Hasse found a craft, a wife and eventually children. My macho genes is now passed on in to the future by two wonderful daughters, Ida and Greta. Maybe it's a twist of fate that I don't have to go through a potential complication of a new
father/son-conflict. With all what that brings. That my son don't have to live up to or maybe suffer by being Dolph Jr. I confess my love for my daughters every day and I love to say that I love them. Even if, especially little Greta, who has a moodier temper, often exclaim "Daddy, I know! You always say that". I hope
that they will do the same with their children so that my big adventure in some way have forever broken the circle of lovelessness which probably began many generations back on my fathers side. I think it was meant to be that way and I think that my father actually agrees. I would like to end with a tribute to all other swedes who have gone abroad through the years to find happiness but also to spread our culture, our language and bring impacts back to Sweden. I would also want to give an advise to those of you listeners who will try to achieve your dreams, write your own script in Sweden or abroad. In the movie business or maybe in your own craft. As the skiing king Ingmar Stenmark once said: "Dé e bar' å åk" ("Just go")

Now I will take my sweet daughter Ida, 12 years old who sits outside the studio listening to dad,out to enjoy a wonderful Swedish summer day.

It's nice to be home.

[Song: "Idas sommarvisa"]



Interviewer: What are you gonna do now after this show? Go to Bulgaria?
Dolph: Yeah, I'm leaving for Bulgaria, to Sofia, on Tuesday since I'm in pre-production of a movie there which I'm directing.
I: You're directing?
D: I'm directing and playing the main role. And I've actually written the script together with a friend in Los Angeles.
I: What's it about?
D: It's an action movie, believe it or not (laughs), and it's about a concert in Moscow which the Russian president is taking his two daughters to, one of them is actually played by my own daughter Ida. They're listening to an American pop singer, kind of like Britney Spears or Madonna, and during this concert the arena is taken over by armed criminals who takes the president and this pop singer, Venus, as hostage along with some other people, the American ambassador for example. And the opening band to this Venus is a hard-rock-band and the drummer in this band is an old biker from California, a tough guy, played by me. So I get to play drums as well.
I: So you have written the script by yourself?
D: Yes, I have. I was in Russia three or four years ago where Madonna did a concert for president Putin, who has two daughters. So that's when I got this idea and thought that it would make a good movie.
I: But your filming in Bulgaria instead of Hollywood. Why?
D: Well, I shot my last movie, which I also directed, in Dallas. But this movie takes place in Russia, so a production company based in Los Angeles owns movie sets in Sofia. It's much cheaper and easier to shoot in Bulgaria compared to Russia so we shoot all interiors in Bulgaria because the whole movie takes place in this arena, which has a kind of claustrophobic feeling to it, and we will shot all the exteriors in Moscow in September. Mostly around Kremlin and the inner parts of Moscow.
I: Is it fun?
D: Yeah, it's fun actually. It's tough, but it feels like a step forward because I've played in so many movies so as a director you get to create the project not only as a part of it - it's your project so to speak.
I: When will this movie be completed?
D: It will probably be completely finished some time next spring.
I: Where will the premiere be? In Stockholm, in Sofia or where...?
D: (laughs) That's a good question. Moscow could be quite nice because it takes place there. I'm just trying to portray the president in the most positive way I can, otherwise it will probably be hard to get a premiere in Russia. (laughs)
I: Does this feel like something new - a new step?
D: Yes, it takes a while to become a good director. It's quite complicated these days with all technical tools and stuff like that. I've directed three movies, this is my fourth. So I'm kinda new at this. As an actor/director I can be more "fresh" as an actor because in the action genre some just want me to run around and shoot people and nothing more. As a director I can find some flaws and different sides in the characters, in this case he's a drummer who's a little strange in the beginning. So it's fun to play something different.
I: How does it feel to have Ida with you, your daughter? Will you be playing against each other in the movie?
D: Yeah, we have some scenes with each other in the last parts of the script. It's fun, I was a little doubtful about it at first, but it was my assistant who said "maybe you could use your own daughters" so I asked my wife who thought about that for a while and said it was a good idea. Then I asked Ida who said "Yes" after half a second. (laughs)
I: She wants to be like her dad?
D: Yeah, maybe so. Even if yourself think that this business is really tough. Especially for girls because they often have a shorter career compared to guys many times because it's much about looks. And nowadays everyone is supposed to be young and fresh. But at the same time I feel that if she now wants to be an actress I can give her some help with my experience and contacts and protect her more compared to when I went over there all by myself.
I: Have Hollywood played out it's role?
D: Yeah, well, It's actually like this, I live in Europe and I like it, we like it here with our children. But as a director I have more reasons to go to Los Angeles, I have another movie for example which takes place in Canada which I will shoot after this one. And the post production will take place in LA so I will be there in six-seven months. So I spend quite some time in Los Angeles which I have to because of my job.
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Re: Dolph hosting SOMMAR Swedish radio show.

Postby riotgirl77 on 16 Oct 2010, 00:26

WOW......thanks so much for sharing the transcript! And to Rambo88 for translating and transcribing!!!!
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Re: Dolph hosting SOMMAR Swedish radio show.

Postby Jox on 11 Sep 2018, 17:00

Press CD of the 2008 Swedish radio show "Sommar" where Dolph first openly talked about his childhood abuses ... arpratare-

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