Dolph Collectors case

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Dolph Collectors case

Postby bergstream on 27 Feb 2004, 10:31


I have send a reguest to Paul Champagne about making a Dolph Lundgren aluminum Collectors case.

He says thats it´s possible to make one but he need som good artwork / High res pictures.

Where can i find good pictures of Dolph

Is anybody else interested to buy such a case if he makes one ?

Excuse me for my bad english. i hope that you understand what i mean.
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Postby Mosquito on 29 Feb 2004, 13:15

Though they are very nice (I love the Bruce Lee Box) I wouldn't buy one. I'd need too many (most of them hold only 3 boxes) and I don't care too much about the cover design. The movie itself is more important. Too bad that the productions are too cheap to have nice specials on those DVDs. I *love* take-outs and making-ofs.
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Re: Dolph Collectors case

Postby shooby on 27 Mar 2004, 12:50

bergstream wrote:Where can i find good pictures of Dolph ?

You can find pics in this website ... of course

bergstream wrote:Excuse me for my bad english. i hope that you understand what i mean.

Don't worry about it, it's similar for me !!!
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