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Dolph & Grace nightlife

PostPosted: 29 Feb 2004, 22:40
by Jox
here's a pic from a book (now on sale on about NY Area nightclub, did Dolph and Grace get into kinky S&M?


PostPosted: 01 Mar 2004, 14:48
by Darling
WOW!!! Nice Pic!
I did hear a long time ago from this.It was an Aids-Gala.But it is looking like they go toegther in a SadoMaso-Club.But I like Dolph there very much:) :lol:

PostPosted: 01 Mar 2004, 15:33
by Mosquito
Damn, that must have been some kind of party... ;-)


PostPosted: 02 Mar 2004, 07:48
by jabe
this just goes to show you how a "friend" can hypnotize you to do such strange things, I highly doubt Lundgren would have been into bondage had he not met Grace Jones!

PostPosted: 02 Mar 2004, 12:10
by Mosquito
Well, I guess it didn't do any harm and after trying it he was still able to decide if it is interesting or not. No need to put "friend" in quotation marks. After all, she opened some very important doors for him and got him his very first movie part!

PostPosted: 02 Mar 2004, 13:21
by Darling
I think,Dolph did know,what he did.With Grace he had a lot of fun and many publicity and all the doors were open for him.Maybe with Grace he was hypnotize,but with his wife Anette,he was drunken,how dolph said by himself.And the doors are now closed.Maybe it is better for him to take a crazy woman :lol:

PostPosted: 02 Mar 2004, 21:44
by Travis
This pic freaks me out a little but good job finding it.

PostPosted: 03 Mar 2004, 11:00
by Krom
This pic look sci-fi for me...

PostPosted: 04 Mar 2004, 23:13
by carrie
i too remember reading something about this "party" it was an AIDS benefit and i think it was a fancy dress theme,it was a very long time ago so my memory might be a little off,none of us are getting any younger. :roll: