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Board Policies

Postby Mosquito on 31 Dec 2003, 00:47

Board Conduct: Everyone please read

Please remember that this is a privately owned forum, not a place where you can say or do what you like. There are rules you need to obey to have a happy and trouble free stay here.
Post your feedback on different topics in the correct forums. Keep it constructive and productive! Hateful, derogatory, and flame posts and threads WILL be deleted!

No posting porn/smutty pics.
We don't care if it has a warning in the topic name, it will not be allowed to be posted on this board. This includes links to porn sites as well. This is a site on Dolph Lundgren. If you wish to talk about other topics, keep it free of porn and lewd material. This site has the potential of younger fans visiting and we want to make sure it is a safe place on the web for them and for others.

Respect your fellow members!
There is a way to get across a differing opinion without having to be rude or harassing. It's all about how you word your posts.
Please take some time to think about what you are posting, and whether it could be offensive to anyone.
We welcome people regardless of sex, creed, race, religion, sexual orientation, language, planet origin, and so forth.
Intolerance to any of these will result in immediate dismissal from the board.

Posting and Searching
The more new members we have joining the forums, it is inevitable that they will occasionally be posting threads in the incorrect forums while they become accustomed to the site and its layout. We therefore ask that you refrain from posting "Wrong Forum" posts in threads that appear in the wrong places. This will help keep the forums from becoming cluttered. Occasionally, topics may be reposted. We ask that you remember to search if you can first, this will help keep the topics together and from taking up extra forum space. The mods may also combine topic threads if they feel it is necessary.

No private fights/provocations via Signatures, and custom ranks!
No using of signatures or custom ranks to express strong dislike for other members. That's a sign of huge disrespect towards the other members, causing anger and hate. Signatures have to be text only and not more than 5 lines in a normal font size and colour.

Having custom ranks and signatures is a privilege, not a right!
If you can't handle those with maturity, the mods will use their abilities to remove them without notifying you! Avatars are not available since this contributes to slow download times.

Heed the mods and admin
If you are asked by the mods to watch what you are saying, you must respect that, because there IS a good reason for it.

Those who come here to discuss their favorite topics with likeminded people do not deserve to be harassed, argued with or made to feel uncomfortable. If you are warned once over email, you must cooperate or the following offence will get you a suspension or a ban depending on the severity of the incident.

This board is located in Germany. Only German laws apply. The place for legal disputes is Hannover, Germany.

Note: Disobeying the rules of the conduct because you didn't read it, is no excuse! The subject itself makes clear enough that we expect from the users to be aware of the rules posted inside!

We hope everyone will co operate and continue to make this board a fun and entertaining place for Dolph fans to visit for a long time to come.
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Re: Board Policies

Postby Jox on 15 May 2016, 13:11

Please use the "POST REPLY" button on the bottom left when answering a post that's just before yours, only use the "QUOTE" button when you're replying an older post.

THANK YOU, you'll save me some time editing the unnecessary filled space...
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