Dissecting Actor Dolph Lundgren

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Dissecting Actor Dolph Lundgren

Postby Jox on 21 Aug 2012, 16:19

http://www.joblo.com/horror-movies/news ... h-lundgren
the biggest stand-out to me in terms of performance was the one and only Dolph Lundgren.

Looking back at his career in films, one thing is apparent: Dolph Lundgren is f*cking awesome and is still the muscle-bound action hero of his youth.

I have yet to see a really bad Lundgren performance. He’s that good… even when his movies blow.

A few years back he released a little movie called COMMAND PERFORMANCE, and while I doubt the majority of people know about this movie, it’s a f*cking fantastic action flick. Think “DIE HARD at a rock concert” and you have this flick. Lundgren, showing off his drumming skills, is in a band playing a huge concert… when the amphitheater gets taken over by terrorists, it’s up to the f*cking drummer to save the day. Awesome action sequences, great one-liners, and Lundgren is tough as nails… a true throwback to the classic ‘80s action movies of yesterday. And to top it all off, Lundgren not only starred in the flick but he WROTE and DIRECTED it as well. It’s the quintessential Lundgren movie in the true sense of the word. If you haven’t checked out COMMAND PERFORMANCE yet, do it now. You won’t be disappointed.

While many have written him off as washed-up at this point, the dude is probably still one of the hardest working action stars out there.

His role as Gunner in THE EXPENDABLES 2 stole the show for me (he’s a crazy drunk most of the time and it’s f*cking hilarious), making me a true believer in the fact that we need more Lundgren movies in theaters, not just on video. Give him a leading role in a major blockbuster! He should be making like Stallone and Schwarzenegger at this point and getting bigger projects thrown at him. He’s talented enough, so why the f*ck not?
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Re: Dissecting Actor Dolph Lundgren

Postby GeneralMcFaiL on 24 Aug 2012, 04:06

This is pretty much the consensus I get from talking to friends... DL should be getting bigger projects... but of course Hollywood needs to start taking notice of that!
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