"Dolph...great guy, but not a martial artist."

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Re: "Dolph...great guy, but not a martial artist."

Postby Jox on 25 Oct 2012, 18:54

I've heard to many stories from people who've known or worked with him and you don't need much judgment to just tell. And if anything he's a genuine asshole and not a nice guy. Van Damme 's kind of crazy but he's got a good heart and means well, but Seagal definitely doesn't and just intimidate or threatens people in everyday life for very little things to make his point everywhere he goes. Must be so insecure to try so hard to make the world believe he's a tough invincible guy... Not really the martial arts spirit taught by Aïkido founder Morihei Ueshiba is it?
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Re: "Dolph...great guy, but not a martial artist."

Postby Travis on 25 Oct 2012, 19:10

I've heard a lot of those stories as well. One of the interesting ones is that he goes around randomly kicking stunt men in the balls.

Stephen Quadros has some funny stories about working on movies with him.
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Re: "Dolph...great guy, but not a martial artist."

Postby whiteandblank on 25 Oct 2012, 19:17

Hw sounds like such a nice person
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Re: "Dolph...great guy, but not a martial artist."

Postby Nikolai Cherenco on 01 Nov 2012, 16:40

Oh Steven..One of the action stars who are just not credible. In the nineties, I liked him. :roll:
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