CASTLE FALLS (Dolph Lundgren, 2021) (completed)

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Re: CASTLE FALLS (Dolph Lundgren, 2021) (completed)

Postby JuV on 13 Oct 2021, 22:59

savagesketch wrote:
JuV wrote:Found this demo reel on Kim DeLonghi's IMDb page and the first 2 minutes are from Castle Falls! It was posted on bilibili already about 6 months ago so it's been there for a while and we all missed it :P.

Thanks for linking! I don't think the spoiler is really that bad... I actually appreciate the fact that they've given us a female villain who looks like she has a lot to really bite into (love the scar). But yeah, rough footage that I assume will be fixed. Also kinda cool in that it gives us an idea of what these films look like in the editing stages prior to sound mixing, color grading, etc.

No problem! I love seeing stuff like this as well and you don't often see it nowadays and especially not from indie/low-budget/DTV films (only company I can think off still doing this is Full Moon).
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