THE EXPENDABLES 4 (Scott Waugh, 2022) (in post-production)

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Re: THE EXPENDABLES 4 (Scott Waugh, 2022) (in post-productio

Postby alex.sp89 on 06 Dec 2022, 13:12

Everyone was thinking that they are polishing the movie but looks they are desperate to put it together. Did they check the dailies during principal photography ?
As I know in the 90s they were editing while filming the movie back to back... Today they change the working process and made an incoherent process of filming and mixing it together

P.S. What did happen with the lawsuit of Greek army for not paying overtime ?
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Re: THE EXPENDABLES 4 (Scott Waugh, 2022) (in post-productio

Postby dude hallenbeck on 23 Dec 2022, 15:06

No disrespect to the people in that forum, but they're hardly reliable in terms of measuring quality.
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