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PostPosted: 26 Apr 2008, 11:41
by Mosquito
Jox wrote:Or they could go back to when they're supposed to friends in the same Nam squad and tell their story during the war and how Scott goes bezerk...

And how do you explain that they look so much older when it is supposed to be earlier?

PostPosted: 26 Apr 2008, 12:59
by Jox
I don't, I haven't totally thought it through and honestly I don't care, because this sounds stupid anyway...

PostPosted: 31 May 2008, 18:00
by Nathan

PostPosted: 15 Aug 2008, 06:25
by Moltisanti

I just got off the phone with "Lost Boys : The Tribe" director P.J Pesce (lovely bloke) who tells me that, if we'd spoken last week, his next film would have been ''Universal Soldier 3'' starring Jean Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren.

"Unfortunately that has fallen apart", says Pesce. "It's really too bad. We had a great script. But it just cratered - I don't know what's gonna happen."

Pesce's a bit bummed that he won't be working with Van Damme and Lundgren on the film but says "It's the way it goes in this business".

PostPosted: 15 Aug 2008, 10:59
by Jox
Hum... it doesn't really says much though, especially regarding the cast (which btw might also be what made the deal fall down), the director doesn't mention JC or Dolph, the journalist does (meaning he might have just assumed it based on the previous rumors, Moviehole has also proved not to be very reliable).

In this interview Dolph mentions the rumor but is not sure how his character could be in a sequel...
Hur trött är du på snacket om alla uppföljare?
- Haha, för ett tag sen kom det fram en lirare på en fest och bara ”ey, Dolph, säg inte det här till nån, men vi har funderat på dig för Universal Soldier 3”. Och du vet, jag tittade på honom och ”wait a fucking minute, didn’t I die in the first one?”. De ville ha nån grej där jag och Van Damme har nån uppgörelse, men hur min karaktär skulle komma dit har jag ingen aning om. Det är så det är. Mycket snack.

PostPosted: 27 Aug 2008, 23:16
by Nathan
I think it is true, Van Damme has signed a contract in Thailand, I hope Lundgren is on board too...2009 is gonna be one fucking awesome year.

PostPosted: 28 Aug 2008, 00:37
by Nathan

PostPosted: 28 Aug 2008, 02:49
by Craigie-Boy
I'm withholding judgement on that poster, as it looks suspiciously Photoshopped and looks to be too amateur.

However, the premise of the movie sounds decent - if only the writers can come up with a passable script, and a convincing explanation for managing to clone Scott...

PostPosted: 28 Aug 2008, 03:31
by Jox
There is just a treatment, who knows if or how is gonna be involved in it, IF it's getting made...

PostPosted: 28 Aug 2008, 11:18
by Tom
Well plot wise it has to involve cloning to get Dolph back. Plot was never exactly brimming with intelligence in the first film, so it's not an issue as to how ridiculous they go with it. This idea sounds surprisingly feasible really.

I'd LOVE this one to happen. Personally I think it probably won't as Dolph probably has other things he'll want to do, and Van Damme seems to be trying to move away from this sort of film. Though, I think JC would only do an old school VD film if it was a sequel to a handful of his most loved films, inc Double Impact, Timecop, Bloodsport, and of course Unisol.

10-25 mill budget, and if they want to do it right, hopefully on the higher end of that scale. Indeed what they should do is make it for more or less the same as the first film, and make a bloody good job of it too. You can afford to make it for more, because you've got the pulling power of Dolph and Van Damme, and Universal Soldier has a cult following too. The high profile DTV sequels on the whole make a lot of money, and this definitely would.

Fellows as director isn't a bad choice. Frankly it could have been much worse. Personally I really enjoyed Until Death.

PostPosted: 28 Aug 2008, 11:47
by Nathan
Craigie-Boy that's just my fan poster...

PostPosted: 28 Aug 2008, 12:00
by Krom
The plot is great, this news is the best one i had online since Terminator 4 teaser:)

PostPosted: 29 Aug 2008, 01:56
by Craigie-Boy
Tom wrote:Universal Soldier has a cult following too. The high profile DTV sequels on the whole make a lot of money, and this definitely would.

No man, what they should make every effort to do is to get this film a theatrical run, even if it's a limited one. Dolph's profile is rising thanks to his directorial efforts, and Van Damme hasn't been on a western cinema screen since Street Fighter in 1994, so the studio should hearken back to the first film's release by putting it out in theatres. This can only boost the film's profile, and hopefully, those of both Dolph and JC. Add in some extra publicity by releasing special edition DVDs of the 2 JC Unisol films prior to its release, and hopefully it will be a hit.

PostPosted: 15 Sep 2008, 21:55
by Nathan
Jox, the next time you talk with Dolph, do you think it would be possible to drop a casual question to him about Unisol 3, tell him Van Damme has signed on and rumours are on the net that say he has also. Cheers!

PostPosted: 18 Sep 2008, 16:22
by Geoff Its appearing on IMDB - Not that that means anything!!!!