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JOHNNY MNEMONIC (Robert Longo, 1995)

PostPosted: 24 Apr 2004, 09:31
by Jesus Time
Dolph Lundgrens work on Johnny Mneumonic was really really great!!! I suppose that film is more of a "cult" classic, but I simply love it. "It's Jesus time!" Go out and rent it or something if you haven't. It's quite worth it.

PostPosted: 30 Apr 2004, 16:17
by hansson55
I don’t like this film but I think Dolph did an extremely good work, it’s really sad that the rest of the film didn’t hold the same standard. :?

PostPosted: 30 Apr 2004, 22:07
by Mosquito
I really liked the movie. But I also like Cyberpunk literature a lot. Maybe many people don't like the movie because Cyberpunk isn't hip anymore.

PS: Yesterday I saw the first 25 minutes of Matrix: Revolutions. Now *that* is a bad movie. Johnny Mnenonic is so much better!

PostPosted: 02 May 2004, 19:54
by Dawn
I'll have to agree with you there. I was greatly disappointed with the Matrix finale, it didn't measure up to the first Matrix at all. I'm sure cyber-punk will come back some day.

PostPosted: 03 May 2004, 19:32
by shooby
I don't viewed this movie so i don't know. But newspapers said when the movie released that dolph was very good. It's so rare to be notified

Extra JOHNNY MNEMONIC Scenes / Japanese DVD

PostPosted: 26 Sep 2008, 22:13
by Mosquito
I just stumbled across this youtube video with extra scenes that are included in the Japanese DVD. At 4:15 there is a scene with Dolph preaching in a church. At about 7:00 there is a scene that can also be seen on the German DVD where Dolph starts to fight Keanu. Nice footage, more than 9:00 minutes.

PostPosted: 27 Sep 2008, 00:32
by Jox
It misses additional shots of Dolph fighting with Dina Meyer but that's pretty much it.

PostPosted: 27 Sep 2008, 21:12
by Nathan
This is one of the few Dolph movies I haven't seen...worth getting?

PostPosted: 28 Sep 2008, 07:12
by The_Canadian
He's in it for about ten minutes stretched over the entire film, but it also happens to be the most ridiculously entertaining ten minutes of Dolph's career!

Highly recommended!

PostPosted: 28 Sep 2008, 12:08
by Jox
This is Dolph's most original and academy award material role. The film had a stellar cast and again this is the D-man who stole the show, despite the film generally criticized for being bad.

The fault is partly due to producers who didn't let artist Robert Longo express his vision and had the film re-cut numerous times (hence the slaughter of Dolph's off-beat part) because they thought they had "Speed 2" on their hands...

PostPosted: 28 Sep 2008, 14:57
by Nathan
Think I'll check this one out soon then...

PostPosted: 28 Sep 2008, 20:10
by Mosquito
Nathan, if you like Cyberpunk movies / novels, you'll like it. I don't know why it wasn't a success at the box office. I would have liked it very much even if Dolph hadn't participated, it is a good movie, IMHO.

PostPosted: 28 Sep 2008, 21:26
by Katry_K
Thanks for link! It was interesting to look on Dolph and him flock in church. Dolph bewitches in this role.

PostPosted: 29 Sep 2008, 22:39
by dolphage
Yeah Dolph actually got some great reviews for his performance in JM. It was pretty cool.

PostPosted: 30 Sep 2008, 00:48
by Jox
In less than 6 months he actually got very good praise for both MEN OF WAR and JM... too bad the reviews went downfall next with THE SHOOTER