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Re: SHOWDOWN IN LITTLE TOKYO (Mark L. Lester, 1991)

Postby alex.sp89 on 15 May 2020, 04:14

Thank u Jox . This magazines from '90s are the best, top quality for real action fans. I still have magazines fro that era in my parents house kept like treasure and locked in vaults. Also stickers from bubble gum ! Still have all of them ! Turkish bubble gum Commando with real good quality stills from action movies. Mortal Kombat, Terminator, Van Damme ( he has the biggest amount of albums and stickers than every other action movie star in my opinion). Titanic ( for girls... yeah). I remember renting videotapes with all this movies and was searching all those stills and lobby cards (most of them from Turkey), comparing and finding many deleted scenes. Kids nowadays don't even know what was that.... where are my young days !

Or buying a newspaper with TV program for the next week and on the sides of each page we got information and pics from the coolest movies on each day. That wae the videoboom era that is gone, basically industry is gone too... what a pity. All this MARVELS u can.t compare with action stars, where industry was based on actor, nowadays on brand only ! And for me Dolph was always more sympathetic than Arnie ( sorry Arnie but too much steroids), my cousin sister was crazy about this blond muscle guy...

Jox any chance that u got this magazine as well

SILT 1991
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Re: SHOWDOWN IN LITTLE TOKYO (Mark L. Lester, 1991)

Postby Jox on 15 May 2020, 20:21

alex.sp89 wrote:Titanic ( for girls... yeah).

Off topic but where does that idea come from??!

Jox any chance that u got this magazine as well

Yes, I do

I'm not sure if I posted that Dolph interview excerpt before:
(my translation from French; CINE-NEWS #37, July/August 1992 issue)
We didn't see SHOWDOWN IN LITTLE TOKYO in theaters?
DL: No, and I prefer it that way, because I'm not very happy of this film. I don't blame anybody and I consider this experience as a good lesson. I learnt that I had to choose a very good director and be demanding with the script.

You're done dropping/giving up martial arts?
DL: I think it would be better for me. In movies, karate is more appropriate to actors of small sizes. I'm too tall and anyway I'm more attracted to action films where the hero throws somebody out the window with a punch! Like John Wayne for instance!

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Re: SHOWDOWN IN LITTLE TOKYO (Mark L. Lester, 1991)

Postby alex.sp89 on 15 May 2020, 22:18

In my opinion he was just angry what they done with movie during re-editing process. It was a fresh scar on his soul, less than a year passed after SILT got released in August 1991, and it was basically home video for the most countries. Before that during post-production he was thinking that Showdown will be his second big hit after Rocky 4 and he tried really hard saying it 's going to have a good distribution company. Before that Masters was Cannon - aka cheap Hollywood, Red Scorpion - Warner back up, Baumgarten sucks, The Punisher- New World bankruptcy and released after 2 years in the US (1991), Dark Angel - Paramount didn't promote the movie, Cover Up- - I even don't know who was the original production company and it was a very strange movie in his career and more an experiment for Dolph) (in my opinion) and SILT was his hope

People re-watch it every year and loved it, Warner Bros don't even now that and don't care. This movie has humor, fights, shoot outs,octane adrenaline, women (little nudity) all mix together for a good night after work
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