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THE PUNISHER (Mark Goldblatt, 1989)

PostPosted: 04 Feb 2004, 01:15
by Dawn

Punisher fans!

PostPosted: 09 Feb 2004, 05:39
by Dawn
I thought this was really cool: ... ProdID=609

I have just been getting into the PC modding scene with LEDs and cold cathode tubes etc. I have even scene cutouts for windows with the Punisher logo, its really neat.

Anyway, if any of you like PC mods, this may be for you!

Re: Punisher fans!

PostPosted: 09 Feb 2004, 12:15
by Mosquito
Dawn wrote:I have just been getting into the PC modding scene with LEDs and cold cathode tubes etc.

Oh no, please, say this is a joke! Or say that you are not older than 14 years and a little boy who doesn't know better. ;-)

PostPosted: 09 Feb 2004, 16:02
by Dawn
Haha! Actually it has become quite popular these days, especially with people who are into PC gaming and LAN parties. I don't like games, but the case I bought was made with an LED in the front behind the fan. I put one extra light just inside the side window that came on the case. It is actually tastefully done and doesn't look silly. Alot of people really over do it with lots of lights and those neon light strips you can run all over the computer inside and out.

My light won't be on all the time either, you can only really see it in the dark and its not good to leave a tube on for more than an hour at a time. I won't be getting the Punisher grill though, it doesn't even fit over my fan.

Is it worth getting<The Punisher>

PostPosted: 20 Feb 2004, 14:21
by drago
Im hearing good and bad about this movie im going on amazon tonight to get detention and wondering should i get the punisher is well.Also is I come in peace available i havent seen it on amazon it doesnt sound very good.

PostPosted: 20 Feb 2004, 18:22
by Dolph_Fan
Yes; I recommend it. The Punisher.

But to get the most out of it I recommend the following and it will only work the first time you watch it, if it is not done first time, you will NOT get the same effect next time you watch it;

Watch it at night when it is dark, and the world is at rest, e.g. 12am Midnight, watch it after having been alone for a while (1 week ?) (away from too much communication/excitement). Watch it when you are serious, and have not watched anythign else for a while.

Do NOT watch THe Punisher with any other film, especially Dolph Film within 1 week minimum. Longer better (Your mind needs to be isolated)

PostPosted: 20 Feb 2004, 20:34
by katanah2jbrm
The Punisher is a really good action movie. It has three of the best martial arts fights Dolph has ever done in the movie. I also has some brief entertaining gunplay. Not Dolphs best but still very enjoyable. Mark Goldblatt who directed the film only directed one movie prior to the Punisher and that was the highly enjoyable Gorefest DeadHeat. Proves in both of his films he knows how to direct action sequences and has some of the best splatter in both of his films. However the Punisher like Dead Heat he proves his inabilty to work the actors. The acting is horrible in the PUnisher it does not fit in with the mood of the movie. Which is surprising because it has a good cast. Now I wish the Punisher had one more action sequence in it or they should have extented some of them it is still a must own for any Dolph fan. Also the opening has one of the best killing montages of all time, not as good as Rambo II. FYI Goldblatt edited Rambo II and he is one of the biggest editors in Hollywood.

I come in peace I beleave to be one of Dolphs more enjoyable movies. Think Showdown in Little Toyko with Brain Benben playing the part of Brandon Lee. But it is still not as good as Showdown because the movie is not action orientated. Most of the action goes to the alien Mattias hues. Still there is enough Dolph action to satsify and the movie is never Dull.

PostPosted: 25 Feb 2004, 21:36
by Travis
The Punisher does not disappoint, even by today's standards. I Come In Peace is well worth a look as well.

PostPosted: 27 Mar 2004, 12:40
by shooby
The punisher is a good movie, but it's unfortunatly too violent. They had not turn attention to the charismatic and gloomy character of the punisher, which is more important for me that the violence he could made.

How is the second version of the punisher, which it release soon ?

PostPosted: 27 Mar 2004, 13:02
by shooby

PostPosted: 18 Jun 2004, 20:51
by Terminator
Yes, I think they ought to "use" Dolph as long as he will act movies...
today a muslced guy is nothing rare any more...
but Dolph has better knowledges in acting those action roles and I watched this new movie and I think it was really cool, but Dolph'd have made the whole thing better!

PostPosted: 26 Jun 2004, 05:26
by rob-adam
Yeah, I loved the original "Punisher" Dolph was excellent! Thomas Jane, is a good actor but his perfomance wasent enough. I didn't by that he was insane with vengence. Dolph on the other hand nailed it down too a T. Also another thing which make made Punisher classic was the solid directing by "Marc Goldblatt" who edited many classic action movies as "Commando", "Rambo II, "Dead Heat", "Terminator 2". I think if they make another Dolph flick and bring Mark Goldblatt into edit it would turn into a relentless action feature.

PostPosted: 26 Jun 2004, 11:43
by Mosquito
Oh yeah, Command is one of Arnie's best movies. When it comes to mindless action it is the best. ;-)

Regarding Dolph's Punisher: Yes, it is a good movie and without having seen the Thomas Jane version I say "There can only be one". ;-) But in general I like movies better where Dolph just looks gorgeous and plays a healthy character like in Men Of War or Red Scorpion. I don't like it when they dye his wonderful hair dark and when he tries to play broken guys. I think in The Punisher his voice was not totally convincing. He tried to speak slowly and with a broken voice but it just didn't sound right. I prefer witty dialogues with a smile like in Showdown In Little Tokyo.


PostPosted: 27 Aug 2004, 18:25

I recently purchased my 3rd copy of THE PUNISHER™ (1989) with MR. DOLPH LUNDGREN in the eponymous role, & having read THE PUNISHER™: IN THE BEGINNING Vol. 1 TPB from MARVEL™ MAX COMICS™, I am now even more convinced that MR. DOLPH LUNDGREN is the right man for the job of portraying FRANK CASTLE, since he has grown & aged into the character as perceived & written by MR. GARTH ENNIS & drawn & inked by MESSRS. LEWIS LAROSA & TOM PALMER.

In fairness to all concerned, having seen THE PUNISHER™ (2004) with THOMAS JANE, I don’t think that the decision to re-cast the role(s) was about thinking MR. JANE “could be a better PUNISHER™ than DOLPH LUNDGREN”, but rather, that he would be *different* than MR. LUNDGREN had been in his outing.

I agree that it would have been great to see THE PUNISHER™ as incarnated by MR. DOLPH LUNDGREN in H2H combat with KEVIN “DIESEL” NASH as THE RUSSIAN™, for all the reasons you put forth, & because we rarely get the opportunity to see MR. LUNDGREN fight someone who looks physically imposing enough to cause him to break a sweat.



I don’t think that THE PUNISHER™ is “insane with vengeance”, & that his pragmatic rationalism is what causes people like DAREDEVIL™, SPIDER-MAN™ & WOLVERINE™ to underestimate him in the field, but I do agree that MR. DOLPH LUNDGREN “nailed [the characterisastion] down to a T”.

MR. MARK GOLDBLATT is a man with whom I would definitely want to work in future, on the basis of his direction of THE PUNISHER™ (1989), let alone those other entertaining films you cited.



I had the honour of being cast by the bloke who directed MR. DOLPH LUNDGREN in MEN OF WAR™, & his eye for detail impressed me greatly, so it comes as no surprise to me that he compelled MR. LUNDGREN to turn in 1 of the best performances of his film career.

I think that dying MR. LUNDGREN’S hair black for THE PUNISHER™ (1989), a “broken guy”, was exactly the right thing to do @ the right time, since the role(s) demonstrated his range as an actor to be much broader than he had been given credit for @ that time.

MR. LUNDGREN’S voice was 1 of the strongest factors in his favour when he created the role of THE PUNISHER™, & continues to be a thing that I enjoy whenever I view the film each month, not just because of the sonority & timbre, but because MR. LUNDGREN managed to find the Black Comedy in the script & executed it in a very DAVID CARRADINE-like Minimalist acting style.


PostPosted: 06 Mar 2005, 22:51
by Jox
yes the knife used by Dolph in our favorite movie is being sold on ebay, but watch out it's already at $170!