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Postby The_Canadian on 17 Jan 2009, 04:11

Yeah, the tagline for "I Come In Peace" about having a "last encounter" has always been my personal favourite. Plus, god damn that is one kickass poster!
"Loosly translated... out of the frying pan and boned up the ass with a red hot poker."
-Showdown In Little Tokyo
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Postby Craigie-Boy on 17 Jan 2009, 05:09

Red Scorpion:
He's a human killing machine. Taught to stalk. Trained to kill. Programmed to destroy. He's played by their rules... Until now.
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Postby Nathan on 17 Jan 2009, 17:49

The taglines for Command Peformance have all so far been BRILLIANT, some of his best EVER!! But here's my favourites from the past...

He walks where other men fear.

The Peacekeeper
Mass destruction just met its match.

Silent Trigger
The terms are clear, Kill or be killed.

The Punisher
If society won't punish the guilty, he will.

Missionary Man
No sin shall go unpunished
"Are we having fun yet?" - Dolph Lundgren, Universal Soldier
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