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Which tv show for Dolph ?

PostPosted: 03 Aug 2013, 10:38
by shooby
the beginning of the shooting saf3 makes me thinking of this discussion: if dolph had to retrain in the TV series business, which kind of series concept should he take ?

Re: Which tv show for Dolph ?

PostPosted: 23 Sep 2013, 14:11
by shooby
this is my first series concept

Title : Instinct
Duration : one season of 20 episods
Synopsis :
Dolph Lundgren plays the role of Scorpio, a former hitman trained by the criminal organization Cerberus who retired to take care of his family : his wife Dorian (Jessica Steen) and his son Lucas. Because he's one of the best in the world in his specialty, his former boss Jackal (Chistophe Lambert) tracked him down and kidnaps his family to force him to make a dangerous mission that only Scorpio is able to do : kill the president of the United States, which seeks to eliminate the threat Cerberus .

But Scorpio don't want the mission, he goes in search of his family but Jackal has sent his heels various disreputable individuals. Among them, Spider (Silvio Simac), a student that Scorpio formed in te past, but who will join him when made ​​aware of the facts. But in reality, Jackal did expre to send Spider cash that it joins Scorpio, expecting that it joins Scorpio, to use it to recover Scorpio.

During his journey, Scorpio will meet different characters that will either help or put a spoke in his wheel. He will thus meet Lindsay (Eva LaRue) an expert computer female geek , which will greatly help him in his quest , and Johan (Emily Procter) a thief senior for which it will make him avoid jail . It will also fall on the NSA (or CIA) agent Lucy Li (Tia Carrere), which includes his situation but playing a double game with him it is not against the help but do not want to play either his career with him.

Realizing that Scoprio escapes to him, Jackal eliminates his wife in the middle of the series and ordered him to perform his duties otherwise Lucas go the same way. So Scorpio decides to infiltrate Cerberus to regain Lucas with Spider, and arrives to eliminate several Cerberis's hitmen, but he didn't found Jackal cause he had time to flee. Scorpio believes that the nightmares is now over but in reality Jackal had time to inject Lucas developed by scientists Cerberus and he is only one vaccine, owned by Jackal. Scorpio includes faster that the whole game returns to square one.

Jackal understanding that only him now can to put into execution his plan to eliminate the President of the U.S., he went to Washington. This is where Scorpio decides to go, knowing that he can not find his former boss there. In the final Showdown he takes him the vaccine and eliminates the latest threat of Cerberus.

So, what do tou think of that ?

I develope an other concept (with few surprises) that I tell you after and it would be called "Instinct"

Re: Which tv show for Dolph ?

PostPosted: 23 Sep 2013, 14:29
by Tom
Now THAT I would watch. It would need a decent budget, and for that budget to actually be used! ha ha.

But in all honesty I think Dolph should wipe his hands of TV and stick to movies. When you have to look enviously at Steven Seagal's TV work, you know you've got problems.

Re: Which tv show for Dolph ?

PostPosted: 25 Dec 2013, 15:56
by shooby
For christmas day, my second serie project.

Title : Proof Of Concept
Duration : as long as the series will be renewed.
Type : Police set

- Dolph Lundgren : Nikolai "Nick" Rachenko, the patriarch, firefighter and fire investigator
- Jessica Steen : Eva Rachenko, the mother
- Alan Ritchson : Victor Rachenko, the elder, the "prodigy's child", police inspector
- Alex Atanasov Adam Rachenko, the younger and the "unworthy son", who nearly go wrong, but he finaly become coast guard
- Ida Lundgen : Elena Rachenko, the only daughter, studying medico legal, and so Nathan's assistant
- Maxwell Perry Cotton : Elias Ranchenko, the youngest
- Gillian Anderson : Dana Crow, the boss of the brigade
- Craig Veroni : Peter Flynn, police inspctor and Victor's teammate
- Rachel Luttrell : Lexa Humphreys, police inspector and profiler
- Scott Adkins : Nathan Allaway, medico legal expert come from England
- Silvio Simac : Glen Sommers, ex swat and now balistic expert of the team, Elias's Godfather
- Dina Meyer : Sarah Hendrix, the surgeon who saved Elias after the car crash. She will enable Nikolai to grieve
- Jean Claude Van Damme : Ivan Gorov, a Russian mobster who have the same psychic abilities than Elias, but who have a better controls of them cause he had them longer, and will do everything to recover Elias considering he's better able to educate him because of the ability they share. But actually, he wants to make Elias his successor in his organization.
- Dmitry Klokov : Garry Gouloshkin, a russian FIS/SVR agent whose mission is to infitrer Gorov's organization to dismantle it. He will save Elias of an attempted kidnapping of Gorov.
- Amanda Tapping : Cassie Moore, criminal expert
- Joe Flanigan, David Hewlett and Jewel Staite : fbi team who help The San Diego Police team in certain investigations
- Anton Antipov : Max Striker, Elena's boy friend

Synopsis :
After a mission that went wrong in Africa, Lieutenant Nikolai Rachenko immigrated with his wife Eva and his son Victor in San Diego, USA, with the help of the journalist Dewey Fergusson. Disgusted by what he is go there, he decided once installed to change his life and become a firefighter and later fire investigator, in relation with the police of San Diego when his son Victor entering to the police. Over time the family enlarged three new members, Adam, Elena and Elias.

One day, when the mother led Elias to his acting class in which he's registered, the car has an accident. Eva dies, and Elias comatose. When he wakes up, he realizes that he is different, he is able to read people's thoughts (on the same principle as in the novel The Dead Zone by Stephen King). He remembers Bit by bit that the accident is not really one and decides to investigate with the help of his bro to find the person responsible, despite the opinion of the brigade commander who is not really excited about puting up with a civilian with the risk that it induces. But As the evolution of the series, he will quickly become indispensable to catch criminals, developing incredible ingenuity.

Besides elucidation of inquiries, the show will also follow the relationships between the characters.

And this : viewtopic.php?f=4&t=1477&start=0