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PostPosted: 13 May 2017, 17:18
i never watch movies. even with dolph.

Re: MALCHISHNIK / Bachelor Party (Maxim Boev, 2015)

PostPosted: 24 Aug 2018, 16:33
by Jox
Short clip when you move to the video after the pics ... timofeimai

Re: MALCHISHNIK / Bachelor Party (Maxim Boev, 2015)

PostPosted: 07 Mar 2020, 00:27
by Jox
Interview with Vladimir Sychev:

Not sure about the translation:
- In the film "Bachelor Party" you starred with the Hollywood actor Dolph Lundgren ...

- He is a great actor and a great professional. Many representatives of the modern generation do not know him; they only watched The Expendables. And we all grew up on the action movies Rocky and Red Scorpion. Therefore, I watched many films with his participation - he is one of my idols.

We shot in Egypt. He flew to Sharm El Sheikh from Los Angeles. It flew for almost a day, with three transfers: from Los Angeles to London, from London to Cairo and from Cairo to Sharm El Sheikh. We were told that on the first day it is better not to touch him, the person will be tired. They prepared for Dolph's arrival, allocated two security guards so that no one would come to him, they set a posh table. What was there: lobsters, and shrimps, and lobsters.

When he arrived, I immediately approached and said: “We were warned, Dolph, I'm sorry. It’s clear that you and I have three more shooting days. But I can’t resist, now I want to take a picture with you. ” Moreover, he said something in Russian. He smiled, took a photo.

When he sat at the table, he was asked: "What else will you be?" He says: “Can I have a chicken sandwich?” He is so humble, down to earth. I did not even expect this from him. He listens to the tasks assigned, never interrupts, is not distracted, always arrives on time, always ready, assembled.


By the way after a limited release in Russia, it still does not have a DVD, VOD or else available even over there...