CREED II (Steven Caple, Jr., 2018)

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Re: CREED II (Steven Caple, Jr., 2018)

Postby Jox on 11 Dec 2021, 16:14

preacher wrote:

Is Dolph teasing a return of the Dragos in Creed 3?
Florian has commented ”Time to bring that heat back!”.
Could be nothing but I noticed D did a similar thing with EX4: Posting a throwback pic of Gunnar just before the announcement.

Seems like it's not for "tomorrow" it actually happens:
I admit to Lundgren that after watching Creed II, it felt like Ivan and his son's story wasn't over. With the success of Cobra Kai, I wonder if there've been any rumblings about a potential cable series with the Dragos? It just seems like such an obvious idea to me that I’m just so curious…

And Lundgren doesn't disappoint. After smiling knowingly, he throws his head back and laughs.

“You’re on the money,” he admits. “It has been discussed. I don’t know what’s happening to it now, but MGM was interested to do it, so we’ll see.”

While that's on the back burner, Lundgren is keeping busy. ... stle-falls
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Re: CREED II (Steven Caple, Jr., 2018)

Postby TEMIRLAN on 11 Dec 2021, 17:43

damn! so many potential good projects with dolph. if they made drago spin off... its interesting. actual movie would be better instead of series.
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Re: CREED II (Steven Caple, Jr., 2018)

Postby alex.sp89 on 11 Dec 2021, 22:57

In tv series u can explore more aspects of characters giving more screen time . For theatrical u need to be in strict limit of 2 hour movie time and many subplots, scenes are abandoned in the cutting room floor. I am sure that Stallone was pissed that they deleted many of his scenes from this movie. Funeral scene, Drago Rocky hospital fight- it is bullshit when they say it was rushed filmed and not good, final peace scene between Drago, Victor and Rocky in the locker room. Michael B Jordan was the star of the movie, his director and they mainly decided. That is why i am not surprised why Sly refused to be in the 3rd movie. He gave Jordan a new career and the new star wants all the fame... :lol: Be thankful and don't forget who gave u the bread kid
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