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Villains For Dolph Lundgren...

Postby geraldegivens on 25 Apr 2018, 20:34

Who were His Best Villains...
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Re: Villains For Dolph Lundgren...

Postby Nathan on 27 Apr 2018, 18:50

Keefer from Men of War
Yoshida from Showdown in Little Tokyo
Sasha from The Mechanik
Alien from I Come in Peace
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Re: Villains For Dolph Lundgren...

Postby Jox on 18 May 2018, 16:15

Five Movie Roles We Wish Dolph Lundgren Could Have Played ... ren-played
5. The Terminator-Any of the Terminators

He didn’t really work with Arnold all that much but there’s no way he could have taken the top spot from the original Terminator without a serious fight on his hands. But perhaps the T-1000 or the morphing Terminator from the third movie would have been a good fit, someone that simply looks indestructible and flat out mean like Arnold. He could have been a good fight for Arnold as well upon being made the bad guy.

4. Total Recall-Richter

Micheal Ironside is a great bad guy but it wasn’t all that believable that he’d be a good matchup for Schwarzenegger. Putting Dolph in there could have made the fight a lot more epic and a great deal more meaningful towards the end. They could have still ended it the same way since the line “See you at the party Richter!” was awesome. But the fight between two powerhouses like Dolph and Arnold would have been a dream come true.

3. Demolition Man-Simon Phoenix

Familiarity would have carried this one through since he’d already worked with Stallone in the past and would have some idea of what to expect. Of course there’s nothing to say that he wouldn’t have sent Stallone to the hospital again after a botched stunt, but it still would have played out nicer. Or maybe he could have been one of Phoenix’s thugs, a second in command or something.

2. Hard Target- Pik van Cleef

This would be another instance in which he would have worked with the lead actor before since he and JCVD were in Universal Soldier together. By doing this the familiarity and the impressive stature of van Cleef would have been helped immensely since the two warriors would have looked awesome going at it. And quite honestly Dolph pulls of menacing a little better than Arnold Vosloo.

1. Blade-Deacon Frost

This is one where there might be a lot of arguments, or not since the Blade trilogy has been left to kind of fester and mold after being ridiculed again and again. But making Dolph into Frost would have made a little more sense considering that the skill levels would have matched up a bit more and because while Stephen Dorff can pull of a menacing look and growl he’s still kind of a scrawny guy in comparison.

Oh the world is full of woulda, coulda-beens.

Pretty good list, I'd add BLADE RUNNER's Roy Batty if the timing had allowed it in an alternate universe...
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Re: Villains For Dolph Lundgren...

Postby GeneralMcFaiL on 19 May 2018, 05:02

I would have loved to see Dolph have a go at Arnie back in the 80's. Any role in one of the Conan films. Hell I'm suprised he didn't show up in Red Heat.

Still wish he could of done something in Gladiator...

And I know it's not film but god almighty I would give my left arm for Dolph to have any kind of role in Game of Thrones... especially since he could easily pull off a sympathetic bad guy character similar to the Hound or Kingslayer.
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