Dolphs official filmography updated...

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Dolphs official filmography updated...

Postby preacher on 11 Feb 2005, 00:33

I don´t know how new this news is, but I have not seen on this forum.

Anyway, today while I was surfing around on Dolphs official site I discovered that Direct Action, Retrograde and Defender have all been added to Dolphs filmography... complete with the usual comments from the man...
The comments themselves are not that fun and does not reveal much unknown about the films but it´s still... At least these are personal.
Better than the crappy descriptions given on the official vandamme site (I don´t dislike vandamme, but my god does he have the ugliest webpage out there or what?).

Most interesting is what Dolph mentions of the shooting of 'Defender'. Seems like it was a hard couple of months.
Dolph also mentions that he thinks Jerry Springer did excellent work on the film.

Bla bla... read it yourselves...


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Postby Jox on 11 Feb 2005, 00:53

this has been here for a couple of months, the biography has also been updated, and wallpapers can be downloaded in the "extras" section
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Postby I Dig Dolph on 11 Feb 2005, 05:58

yes i totally agree that van dammes website is VERY sad looking (and not to mention funny) :lol:
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Postby HeartBreakKid on 12 Feb 2005, 17:50

I Dig Dolph wrote:yes i totally agree that van dammes website is VERY sad looking (and not to mention funny) :lol:

the guy who runs his website is a complete fool
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