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Re: THE MINION (Jean-Marc Piché, 1998)

PostPosted: 26 Mar 2019, 22:02
by Jox
Blu-ray Review
The Disc

The disc now in stores from our friends at Kino Lorber is pretty bare bones, but with a fresh 2K transfer in a crisp DTS-HD 2.0 audio track it all looks better than it really should as we see the obvious visual influences that it borrows from with films like Subway & La Femme Nikita. The special features are pretty minimal but there is a feature length commentary track from director Jean-Marc Piche which ends up being complementary of his experience while making it, but also pretty dry. There are also trailers for The Minion and films like Avenging Force, An Eye for An Eye, Revenge of the Ninja, Steele Justice and Assassination.

Final Shot

Unless you have a family member who worked on The Minion there’s no reason for this to be remotely shelf-worthy but it’s good looking film that actually highlights how far our nation’s film industry has come in the 21 years since its release.

we see the obvious visual influences that it borrows from with films like Subway & La Femme Nikita

While I wouldn't necessarily say THE MINION really is influenced by those Luc Besson films (from his best era), it's interesting to note that director Jean-Marc Piché told me what he wanted to try with the rock/guitar-heavy score was to go in the direction of Besson's composer Eric Serra and ROMEO IS BLEEDING's music by Mark Isham.

THE MINION (Jean-Marc Piché, 1998)

PostPosted: 28 Mar 2019, 23:32
by savagesketch
Latest episode of the podcast has arrived, this time chatting 1998's THE MINION! Joining me for this episode is the forum's very own Tom Jolliffe!

https://imustbreakthispodcast.wordpress ... he-minion/

Please feel free to rate and review the show on iTunes, Stitcher, or your podcast app of choice!

Re: THE MINION (Jean-Marc Piché, 1998)

PostPosted: 29 Mar 2019, 13:37
by Jox
Just some additional infos on a couple of details you mentioned :wink:

- FALLEN KNIGHT was not the original title, it was always THE MINION during and before production since first announced at Cannes 1996. A small indie company back then, Lionsgate picked up the Canadian rights and released it there with this new title of FALLEN KNIGHT...

- Regarding Touchstone/Disney's release in the US, the film had been pre-sold by the same sales/co-producing company (Conquistador Entertainment) as SILENT TRIGGER in the same year (1996), and I bet it was a package-deal, which may have included THE SHOOTER / HIDDEN ASSASSIN as well (since also licensed/co-produced by Conquistador and released States-side by a Disney-owned label, Dimension/Miramax of course)

- The budget was around a mere $3 million or less Piché told me with sadness.
By that time, THE MINION was the first big drop budget-wise following the $10 million THE PEACEKEEPER and SILENT TRIGGER right before that. Only $10-12 million SWEEPERS and $7-8 million BLACKJACK would go up again before the titles got stuck in the $2-6 million max range...

Funny timing, I received the Blu-ray yesterday and also listened to Piché's audio commentary which was good though not surprisingly less candid than our 2010 interview, in which he opened up to me a bit more about the politics and challenges he faced making the film (which he got hired for only days before shooting start date)...

I haven't watched the whole film yet but of course in proper 1.85 aspect ratio and 2K-remastered with a natural 35mm grain and colors, it looks great compared to the shiny TV-looking 4/3 VHS and DVD releases!

Re: THE MINION (Jean-Marc Piché, 1998)

PostPosted: 20 Oct 2019, 17:20
by Jox
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