Who should Dolph fight next?

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Who should Dolph fight next?

Postby Craigie-Boy on 19 Jul 2005, 23:37

Ok, so the Dolphster has slugged it out with Sly Stallone, Van Damme and Cary Tagawa. Heck, he's even gone one on one with the one who is The One, so who's next in line for a whuppin'?

Personally, I'd like to see him square off against Mark Dacascos. Whaddya mean you've never heard of him? Shame on you! He's of a similar size and build to JCVD, but is a far superior martial artist, having won an international tournament aged just 9. He starred with Jet Li in Cradle 2 The Grave a couple years back, so you may have seen him in that. Like Dolph, Mark is also a capable yet underrated actor who is not receiving the accolade he deserves. If the powers that be get these two to face off, it could truly be something special...

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Postby Mosquito on 20 Jul 2005, 11:49

Why not let Marc team up with Dolph? Would be a good team, like Dolph and Brandon Lee. I think SILT is one of his best movies so the concept of buddy movies works for him for sure!

He could fight Matthias Hues like in Dark Angel. Maybe they look alike too much but I think it could work again. Matthias is a good match for Dolph when it comes to fighting.
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Postby Tom on 20 Jul 2005, 20:40

Lorenzo Lamas. Two big guys similar martial arts styles facing off.
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Postby Jox on 21 Jul 2005, 04:02

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Postby BrunnenMatt on 21 Jul 2005, 06:55

Billy Drago! Does not have the martial art skills but would play a good villain. Most of his roles in the 80's where good roles for him and I would love to see him have a final showdown with Dolph Lundgren.

The final scene in 'Universal Soldier' was awesome with 'Jean-Claude Van Damme'.

Final fight Jason Statham might meet the criteria and might make a good choice for some Dolphster kicking!

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Postby Terminator on 13 Aug 2005, 17:32

I think "The Rock", Michael Clark Duncan or even Mr. T (within a boxing fight) might be good opponents, right?

Arnold is out of business for sure... :(
Maybe Dolph could compete with a wrestler this time... not talking about yesterday's has- been like Hulk Hogan (who really proved great talent in fighting once!), but maybe guys like John Cena or Batista could take a place, after enqueing "The Rock", because I know he's one of the dudes showing good acting skills besides runting and raving around without anything worth to watch there in the movies.
In hope for someone who could replace the real Dolph one day if he's (hopefully not as soon) out of business...
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Postby Moltisanti on 20 Aug 2005, 09:59

Both Statham and The Rock would be good match-ups for Lundgren. I'd like to see him go up against Jet Li at some point. It would be cool to see 2 completely different styles go head to head like that. Li obviously has the speed but Dolph would have an advantage with his strength.
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Postby Scifibuff5 on 31 May 2017, 22:20

I'm surprised I didn't find a thread for my icon on here so here it goes: Post away other action stars, tough guys and fighters who you think at least deserve to fight Dolph on the big or small screen.

* ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER- Sure, both he and Dolph have been endlessly compared but it couldn't hurt to have Arnold face off with Dolph as the villain or even at least give him a cameo in some other Terminator rehash in the future.

* LIAM NEESON- The next actioner/thriller they conjure up with Liam saving a family/group of gangsters/city/important landmark from bombs, terrorists,

* WESLEY SNIPES- Wether Dolph has to be a head vampire or star opposite Snipes period, that's reasonable enough for me given they star in far similar themed flicks to begin with (Romanian set spy films, military actioners, death game premise films, crime thrillers, etc.). I am surprised this hadn't yet happened and so I hope the geniuses behind these fun VOD flicks pitch this idea at some point.

* DENZEL WASHINGTON- We've seen how Denzel has handled himself against drug cartels, rogue prisoners, serial killers and entire crime syndicates. How groovy would it be if Dolph was the first person he got a wise-crack at prior to fighting?

* TOM BERENGER- The next time Tom is sent to go snipe an infamous dictator or supervise a trouble school, Dolph can be one of the many oppositions he meets along the way.

* DANIEL BERNHARDT- This man used to be dubbed one of the many "poor man's JCVDs" of the world but after seeing how he's being utilized in Matrix 2, John Wick, Hunger Games, Atomic Blonde and Precious Cargo, this Swiss fighter deserves to fight the tough Swede on the big-screen.

* SEAN BEAN- Wether Sean is playing yet another villain who dies a morbidly creative death or has Dolph playing a mercenary working for him, it would be entertaining seeing the two of them duke it out.

* KIEFER SUTHERLAND- If Kiefer is ever next seen on the big screen reprising the role of Jack Bauer or in a crime thriller where he's on the run from a ring of criminals, I want Dolph front and center there pursuing him.

* OLIVIER GRUNER- Gruner is another under appreciate fighter and action star who, like Dolph, still develops his own self-produced actioners to suit his respective action movie fanbase. If he and Dolph can come up with a fun yet complex reason to face off against each other, be my guest as I'd be first in line to see it.

* GARY DANIELS- The two of them have been featured in brutal face-off scenes together previously (Retrograde and Expendables) but I would like a far simpler yet effective fight between the two.

* DON "THE DRAGON" WILSON- I can see it now, The Dragon facing off with Dolph, who plays a boxer forced to fight and win tournaments so mobsters will let his family go.

* ERIC ROBERTS- Eric can play an escaped criminal mastermind who coerces former associate Dolph into a series of bank robberies or else he'll off his family members one-by-one.


* LOU FERRIGNO- The man might have always be pigeonholed as the Hulk, in Z-grade films or be a jerk at conventions but I would get a kick if he was in some other low-grade film and ended up getting wrestled by Dolph.

* FRANK ZAGARINO- Another B-movie loser who fans of the genre sometimes just have to love for who he is and tried (yet failed) to be. He's in the rare and hard-to-find MAXIMUM POTENTIAL working out with Dolph. If Dolph is still pals with him, perhaps he could give Frank a few extra paychecks having him be an establishing henchman in his next few contracted flicks.

* MARK DACASCOS- Mark always makes for fun serviceable action thrillers so what's keeping him from having to participate in a sword fight with Dolph (a la Showdown in Little Tokyo 2?).

* PIERCE BROSNAN- If Pierce does finally unleash The November Man 2 or another fun popcorn espionage/mystery thriller, it would be intriguing to see him take on other 6 foot tall musclemen like Dolph.

* GERARD BUTLER- If Butler needs someone worthwhile to tackle in any of his post-Olympus Has Fallen type entries, Dolph would be the ticket inviting him to the party.

* BRUCE WILLIS- Willis gets a like-it-or-hate-it reputation nowadays for his Harrison Ford type behind the scenes drama and resorting to more indie/VOD type features but there's certainly room for him to have a shot at fighting Dolph in either the final Die Hard or RED installments.

* DWAYNE JOHNSON- Wether it's in one of The Rock's stand-alone action films or pre-established franchises (The Rundown 2 would be a nice excuse to utilize them both), the two of them would be an action face-off made in heaven.

* GINA CARANO- It should happen on-screen at least once, wether in a prison complex or another all-female kick boxer/street fighting film.

* MARK WAHLBERG- The next time Markie Mark finds himself out to clear his name, or settle a score with a rival criminal, a cameo from the Dolphinator would be the icing on the cake.

* JACKIE CHAN- This would be a far more hip and silly fight but there's no doubting the amount of smiles that would grow on one's face seeing Jackie be forced to escape the almighty Dolph.

* MICHELLE YEOH- I could see her staying out of harm's way from Dolph in any potential spy or adventure movie she might have left in her.

* DONNIE YEN- Yen never ceases to amaze with his moves and while I haven't been as keen on his film roles of late, his physicality and acting never cease to amaze me overall. It would be extravagant seeing him in another one of his Kill Zone/Infernal Affairs type crime epics trying to derail deadly international criminals in an infamous area in Hong Kong, all as an excuse to fight Dolph in the film's finale.

* NEAL MCDONOUGH- Neal has his share of B-movie thrillers in addition to as many key supporting roles on blockbuster film and TV. He can be another pit boss who uses Dolph as his main muscle only to betray him later.

* TOM CRUISE- A future Mission: Impossible entry could always use Dolph, especially with Lundgren's engineering background, he could easily portray a nuclear scientist or madman holding a country for ransom while threatening to unleash a WMD.

* VING RHAMES- I can see Ving doing another one of his Animal/Undisputed type film roles where he must

* CASPER VAN DIEN- The next-time the C-lister appears in a silly yet fun action/adventure film where he must save some hostages from terrorists and mad scientists (maybe even mother nature itself!), he can be at opposition with Dolph.

* ANDREW DIVOFF-Given Andrew's mixed heritage, he could either be a questionable Russian president facing assassination by Dolph or be a Venezuelan drug lord out to cripple smuggler Dolph once one of his shipments doesn't go according to plan.

* [insert underused vintage Russian villain actor]

* CALL OF DUTY- Think about it long and hard: the player of this FPS video game series would have to take on Dolph as one of the Big Bosses come final level.

* TWO VAN DAMMES- Jean Claude made a name for himself by being in duel roles and while Dolph has since shared the screen various times with this icon, it would be a hoot if he had to fight two different versions of Van Damme for the heck of it.

* [insert crime TV show star]- Wether it's the next episode you see of NCIS, the new MacGyver or Hawaii Five-0, it would be beyond reasonable to incorporate Dolph as the villain of the week.
"No, I haven't seen any of [the new 'Punisher' movies]," - Dolph in 2009 MTV News Interview
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Re: Who should Dolph fight next?

Postby Scifibuff5 on 01 Jun 2017, 18:58

I apologize, I didn't know there was already a thread for this, LOL.
"No, I haven't seen any of [the new 'Punisher' movies]," - Dolph in 2009 MTV News Interview
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