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Spanish covers

PostPosted: 15 Nov 2006, 22:39
by Jox
It took some time for the for the official Dolph Spanish distributor ( to release his latest Nu Image efforts but here we go with the covers that I find pretty cool (except for DA)...




PostPosted: 16 Nov 2006, 00:55
by Nathan
Like the detention one! :lol:

PostPosted: 16 Nov 2006, 08:26
by The_Canadian
Oh god... that one for the mechanic is clearly being presented as a Red Scorpion sequel.

Let's see... Dolph Lundgren... Red Vengeance... Nikolai character... hell, the title's font even looks similar to Red Scorpion!

PostPosted: 16 Nov 2006, 13:45
by manudenis2005
Love the Detention DVD cover.It's great.