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PostPosted: 06 May 2004, 10:22
I know -"I'v never trained so hard as in these last five months before Rocky 4"
Which he probably didn't say but whatever.
What'd You say Dolph?

PostPosted: 06 May 2004, 11:45
by Sniper1
Yo thanx man what a cool artical you found. Cheers

rocky 4 teaser trailer

PostPosted: 22 Aug 2004, 00:04
by gray ox
i saw on this site that on the rocky 4 teaser trailer you see drago saying something along the lines of "im ivan drago and i will beat rocky balboa,the world will soon know my name"

i havent seen this trailer and would be extremely happy if anyone could help me in locating it.

any help will be great.

PostPosted: 27 Aug 2004, 06:46
by Dawn
It was shown on TV before the movie premiered and also shown sometimes when Dolph was interviewed about the movie. I have the full clip, but the quality of the VHS was very bad, so it doesn't look really good.

PostPosted: 01 Sep 2004, 19:34
by shooby
You could try to upload it

PostPosted: 01 Sep 2004, 19:40
by Dawn
No, I don't have very much webspace at all. It would be much too large to really try that, even on a large site. Compressing this file would probably make the video much worse-looking that it is now. Its very hard to see the detail since a lot of the color is just gone.

Downloads for it would probably be too long and time out, and I will not use file sharing as that eats up my internet bandwidth. I will probably put out a cd or DVD with it in the future, but I really need to try and clean up the video a little if I can. Just so much more to do to finish my classes right now. :(

PostPosted: 01 Sep 2004, 19:53
by shooby
Which size this video is ? I could insert it in my web site if you have not any place in yours !!!

PostPosted: 01 Sep 2004, 19:58
by Dawn
I will have to go home and look soon, I remember it was over 100 MB, but I can at least maybe compress it to maybe a few MB, it depends on the length, I will see how small I can get it. How much space do you have?

PostPosted: 01 Sep 2004, 20:00
by Dawn
By the way, I also have 3 or 4 on-screen Dolph Interviews about Rocky IV. Some show him training in those gray spandex pants! haha, I love the 80s!

PostPosted: 02 Sep 2004, 03:52
by Dolph_Fan

Rare Rocky IV trailer; I can have an attempt to digitaly restore the footage, colour, sharpness, contrast etc... (But in a few months time, minimum)

Would you be willing / Could you, provide me with the footage ?, if so; Could you re-capture it to video file (re-capture as I want to use the most approprite codec to retain all quality). Also at full screen size (approx 720x 576, whatever video tape is), and without any/many 'dropped frames'.... you need a fast PC setup and some tweaking around....

Can you maybe take a few representative screen captures of the video, from the VHS source, if not the file, to show the picture quality. (Save directly to PNG or BMP, TIF, TGA file format, then if needed convert to PNG. No JPEG or GIF)

PostPosted: 02 Sep 2004, 10:38
by shooby
yes, it's a great size !!! My website is not in the web for the moment because I'm searching a good hoster, but I think all the documents I'm place in it will be doing 100 Mo too.

PostPosted: 02 Sep 2004, 17:40
by Dawn
Hey, Dolph-fan, send me an e-mail please. I'll try and send those screenshots to you that way. Well, I do have a good enough computer for capture and editing. I built in February. 2.8 Ghz 800 mhz fsb with hyper-threading. :lol: I am a little light on RAM, but it has been capturing my DV video just fine. However, this was originally captured in the lab with a Dazzle(firewire one, not USB) hooked up to a VCR, then I compressed and saved as a MPEG2 file. I can possibly recapture, but I would have to use my Sony D8 to capture from VCR to computer since I do not have a Dazzle here at home. There is a slight possibilty the raw video I captured is still on the lab computer, but it has probably been deleted by now.

PostPosted: 02 Sep 2004, 18:45
by Dolph_Fan

PC is powerful enough,

DV is not captured from camera to PC, its transfered like data.

You will need to recapture.

Sony D8 ?, Digital Video camcorder. No good for best enhancement as it would have allready compressed the video captured, i.e. degradation.

Do not have Dazzle capturing program ?. Not THE problem.

You have VCR, yes ?.

But do you have a Video Capture Card ?... Most important thing.

If No capture card, can you get the video recaptured ? It will require a windows PC for the best, as due to the codec used...........But if you can do it on a mac, and capture at full frame size, without dropped frames (the software will indicate any dropping) then the codec and windows is not an issue. You can always convert to The Windows codec on the PC as to save disk space, but retain all quality.


PostPosted: 02 Sep 2004, 23:47
by Dawn
No, I do not have a Dazzle at home, which is why I originally captured in class during the summer. Since I do not have a class in there, I am not allowed to use the equipment there. So the Analog to Digital passthrough on my Sony is not good enough quality? I know it probably compresses to DV. So you have to have the uncompressed .avi? That is what the original files were when I captured them from VCR to computer using a Dazzle and Vegas Video software. I am not sure what else to do since I don't have money for a Dazzle. Firewire Dazzles go for about $200 or more on eBay. USB ones drop frames like crazy but are cheaper of course. What do you use to restore video? Do you have DVD Studio Pro for Mac? I have heard good things about it.

PostPosted: 03 Sep 2004, 00:20
by Dolph_Fan
When I talk about restoration using the original VHS source, I mean in order to get it looking better when viewed at VHS quality again, e.g. re-output to VHS or in DVD quality files, or very high MPEG quality files (which is DVD video anyway). But note it will never be restored TO DVD quality (usually) as DVD is better than VHS (most cases), I just meant DVD quality data FILES that keep all the detail including the distortions :

Analogue to Digital passthrough does compress to a LOSSY compressed AVI. unless you can read the manual etc..and make it NOT....find out.... or compress lossyly/lossless. Although the AVI quality maybe better than your 100MB MPEG. BEST thing I say is read the manual about this sort of capture and then capture with ALL the best auality settings includig highest resolution. THen compare the MPEG to the captured AVI.

Uncompresssed AVI ?. To be more technical, can be compressed and I do prefer compressed, but using a lossLESS not LosSY compression codec. Uncompresssed is like 2GB for a minute of VHS video, LossLESS compressen using the best codec is like 160MB.

You see any lossy compression will strip all the invisible/less visible data out, and cannot be returned, thats the Aim of the compression codec. Its the invisible data that is used to rejuvanate the quality. Yes some rejuvanation can still be done with compressed files that have been LOSsyly compressed (MPEG), if the bitrates/quality of the files is high enough....But you always head for the real thing, uncompresssed.

MPEG version you have, 100MB ?, approx 2 mins ?, thats 50MB per minute, That still contains a LOT of quality. e.g. VCD MPEG is like 10MB per minute. Whats the RESOLUTION of your MPEG, and the FRAME RATE (NTSC ?)

Dont have dazzle ?, dazzle does more than you need, It's more than video need a basic (competent though) video capture card.......Its not the card that drops frames (usually) its the PC hardware (BUS, CPU etc.) and also Hard disk not keeping up. A lot can be done to reduce dropped frames with only 2 minutes of capturing....e.g if you have 320MB (or more) of TOTAL system RAM memory then you can choose capture to RAM only (reserve a 200MB segment of ram via software), thus taking the speed of the hard disk out of the equation (the slowest factor). So if you have e.g. 512MB of ram and require only 2 mins of captureing and also fast CPU, then with the codec that would be used for lossless compression, I predict no dropped frames.

Restore video?, its basically an extention to my Image restoration skills(Photoshop, but anythign decent is Ok). I have not actually done any Video restoration, but the principles are the same, i.e. apply the same technique to all the video frames instead of a photoshop document, bit more than that actually..... I would probably use...Premiere or Vegas ?.....evaluate the feature for my needs at the time.

Premier (Adobe) is one of the #1 on the PC.

Image restoration is an 'art' its not an option you switch in a software. More like combining lots of functions of the software in various porportions to achieve the result of restoration.

I don't have a Mac.

Ever considered buying a cheap capture card... good cheap ones are about £40 in Uk.

I will get a card soon (many months though, I keep setting it back...). If you want to provide me with the footage on VHS (I cant remember if I can access a video that can play NTSC also, or maybe You can convert), maybe make a copy from your source (arrrhhhh another generation of degradation)......I could do it....but all this is very far in the future....



For a smaller file size than 100MB, It is still possible to enhance the video from the MPEG version when converting to a smaller filesize. E.g. make sharpness, contrast, and colour enhancements so its looks better when in a smaller file COMPARED to what it would have looked if it was NOT enhanced and converted straight to smaller file size. Also use a good codec so you get more per filesize, e.g. DivX or MPEG-4.


When you enhance from the original uncompressed (losslessly compressed) captures and go to a few MB filesize (compress to small file) compared to MPEG2 100MB file (usually) to a few MB filesize.. The quality of the enhancement at the few MB filesize will be rather undisinguishable from which source it was enhanced, as a lot of degradation would have happened to get it to a few MB, also the chosen resolution would also be e.g. 320x240 rather than video resolution, when resolution is cut down at least by 1/2 or more, then it gives an opprtunity to enhance the video even more due to averaging the original pixel values, thus eliminating noise.

I.e. not worth enhancing from original uncompressed VHS source if heading for a target file size of few megabytes (5, 10, 15 MB) if it is too much trouble (this hold stronger for same codec in smaller file as with original larger, but maybe also for different better smaller codec, depends case to case).......Good quality MPEG source (depending on resolution / bitrate) would be nearly as good. (But of course it depends, case to case)