ROCKY IV (Sylvester Stallone, 1985)

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Re: ROCKY IV (Sylvester Stallone, 1985)

Postby viendammage on 08 Jul 2019, 00:12

Happy belated Rocky IV'th of July! Traded holiday e-mails with Carl Weathers in the morning then went to the New Bev for second half of the July 4th double feature of Red Dawn and Rocky IV. It was surprisingly full for a holiday and the crowd was extremely enthusiastic. There were a couple guys in front row that were a little TOO enthusiastic, clapping and laughing at just about anything in the film. I think this was actually the first time I'd seen IV in a theater as I didn't stick around after Universal Soldier and Dolph night years ago as we went celebrating next door.

Rocky IV remains my favorite of the series, it's just so visceral, kinetic and inspiring. Stallone, Weathers and Dolph are all in insane shape, the soundtrack is incredible and the sprinkling of humor and drama enhance the training and action. What a crazy film though with the robot, Living in America sequence, Apollo's horrifying twitchy death, music video flashback, the two training montages and Duke's iconic "You cut him! He's not a machine, he's a man!" had me almost tearing up it was so earnest, passionate and you're just swept up in the action. Stallone really is underrated, how many other filmmakers write, direct, star, choreograph and are in body builder shape for a film that gets people cheering and hollering?

All these years later hearing Drago being compared to Frankenstein's monster you see those little touches throughout the film with Dolph's quick naive or annoyed glances, his wonderment, being pushed by a team and government and finally his rebellion.

The New Beverly programmers played trailers for Rocky I, II and III before the film but sadly did not have the title on the marquee outside or any posters in the lobby since it was only playing one time.

Jox, I'll send you a photo of the calendar since I can't seem to upload it here.
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Re: ROCKY IV (Sylvester Stallone, 1985)

Postby Jox on 08 Jul 2019, 10:10

Great, thank you for sharing! 8)
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