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can someone rate Blackjack and Jillrips

PostPosted: 19 Feb 2004, 14:38
by drago
I recently ordered dolph dvds of amazon and was wondering if there any good.I hear Agent Red is terrible but im dying to see it.I got men of war and joshuas tree bu i wanna know what Blackjack and jillrips are like are they big budget and have good shootouts and decent storylines.

PostPosted: 19 Feb 2004, 19:29
by Mosquito
Black Jack is ok. Disappointing for a John Woo project though. I use to hit fast forward when "the evil whacko" is babbling. You'll see what I mean. But I was surprised to see that Dolph seems to be a good dancer! There's one dancing scene where he seems to have a lot of fun. Wonder why he has problems with erotic scenes when he dances so relaxedly.

Jill Rips was a disappointment. Very interesting background but not good what they made of it. Could have been a stimulating ;-) movie but wasn't at all. I hate it when Dolph plays an alcoholic. Not convincing with such a body!

PostPosted: 19 Feb 2004, 22:40
by Jox
comeone JILL RIPS is not so bad and it wasn't meant to be a Dolph Lundgren-like-movie (btw I remind some of you that it's the adaptation of a novel that has nothing to do with SEVEN or anything like that). Also Mosquito I think that he plays alcoholism in a much better way than how he did in SWEEPERS (by the way it's not the first time as he was also an alcoholic temporarily in PENTATHLON & MEN OF WAR). I'm glad Dolph did this movie and I don't want see him play supermen endlessly

PostPosted: 20 Feb 2004, 01:11
by Travis
Blackjack was very bad.
I had huge expectations for Jill the Ripper and it was a huge disappointment. Still, I think it is worth a look.

PostPosted: 20 Feb 2004, 01:13
by katanah2jbrm
Well I think Blackjack is only a decent movie. It is well acted and has sturdy direction but the movie lacks action. It has really only 3 action sequences and one is really short. The best action sequence is the 2 one in the movie and it might be one of the best action sequences Dolph has ever done. But the movie is around 2 hours long and it needs at least one more action sequence becaues the film drags on near the end. Still Blackjack is a movie that is worht owning if you are a Dolph fan.

Jill the Ripper I think is one of Dolphs best movies. However if you are only interested in Dolph being a mindless killing machine you will hate this movie. The first time I saw Jill Rips I hated it. Around the fifth time I say the movie I realized that it is a great film. The pacing is a little but the acting is one of Dolphs best performances. The real proplem with the film I beleave is the fight scenes. 2 of them could have been better and longer. I like the fact that he got beaten up but I feel that the fights should have been more brutal and longer.

PostPosted: 27 Mar 2004, 12:19
by shooby
Don't forget that jill ripps is a novel's adaptation.

For blackjack I love this movie, Dolph was perfectible with his white phobia. It's a romantic hero in the literary meaning