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PostPosted: 27 Feb 2008, 20:06
by Nathan
Nooo wayyy, right this is a joke yeah?..that would be too funny..

PostPosted: 27 Feb 2008, 23:26
by Jox
It depends of the treatment, which hopefully will offer a different take on what we're used to.

Otherwise haven't we seen enough "Die Hard" knock offs ("The Peacekeeper", "Agent Red" and "Detention" were some of them) in the last 20 years?

"Project Shadowchaser"? what's the connection?

PostPosted: 28 Feb 2008, 08:42
by The_Canadian
Project Shadowchaser was a die-hard movie in a hospital... the real gimmick was that the terrorist was a Terminator-style android. Why? We may never know...

Personally, I think both The Peacekeeper and Detention are among some of Dolph's best DTV efforts, and with him directing, I have high hopes for this one.

PostPosted: 10 Mar 2008, 23:00
by Jox
"Command Performance" is also produced by Nu Image, it should be shot in Bulgaria and a couple of days in Moscow. Dolph is supposed to direct it this summer...

PostPosted: 11 Mar 2008, 20:41
by Jox
Oh and Ross Clarkson should DP on it too!

PostPosted: 11 Mar 2008, 20:50
by Tom
Great news. With Clarkson, it should look good.

PostPosted: 15 Mar 2008, 15:28
by Jox
Which kind of band would like to see in CP?

PostPosted: 15 Mar 2008, 17:23
by Darling
I would like to see a Band like the Rolling Stones,Metallica,Deep Purple,Led Zeppelin.
And what do you prefer ,Jox?

PostPosted: 16 Mar 2008, 12:40
by Mosquito
Darling wrote:I would like to see a Band like the Rolling Stones,Metallica,Deep Purple,Led Zeppelin.
And what do you prefer ,Jox?

Oh no, please not. A few days ago I watched "Shoot 'em up" with Clive Owen. Over the top but very entertaining. The only *really* annoying thing was the music. Ok, there is a difference between the Stones and Motörhead, but I hate this trend towards Heavy Metal / Hard Rock / Speed Metal (YUCK!) music in action movies. I think the music is at its best when you don't notice it at all because it fits in seamlessly.

PostPosted: 16 Mar 2008, 13:38
by Jox
So what do you have in mind Mosquito?

PostPosted: 16 Mar 2008, 15:54
by Darling
Which kind of Music you both like (Mosquito and Jox)?What is your favorite Band?

PostPosted: 16 Mar 2008, 16:16
by Tom
I quite likd the band that did the end song in Mechanik. That might be a realistic one. I can't really see Nu Image roping Iron Maiden in for some Command Performance action.

PostPosted: 17 Mar 2008, 12:33
by Jox
Well I personally like rock/pop music, 70's and old electronic stuff. The reason I ask is because Dolph is currently looking at different types and bands...

PostPosted: 17 Mar 2008, 12:41
by Tom
What would be quite interesting is if Dolph got someone like Tangerine Dream and then also got them to do the score as well. I might see if my uncles (used to be a member of TD) interested!

PostPosted: 17 Mar 2008, 13:23
by Krom