AQUAMAN (James Wan, 2017-2018) (in pre-production)

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Re: AQUAMAN (James Wan, 2017-2018) (in pre-production)

Postby Jox on 21 Apr 2017, 11:58

TEMIRLAN wrote:when exactly is this gonna start shooting? hope dolph won't be out last minute. i'm nervious untill i see set pix with him. are you too. jox?

Unless something happens there's no reason to be worried because it's a $150 million (probably) production so they'll make it no matter what, it's not like a sketchy deal with an unsure financing...
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Re: AQUAMAN (James Wan, 2017-2018) (in pre-production)

Postby GeneralMcFaiL on 21 Apr 2017, 12:10

I'll just say this guys/gals... social media overwhelmingly loves that he's been cast in this movie... I see a lot of people saying Aquaman is the one potential gem in the DC universe outside of batman... and that Dolph could potentially play a bigger role in this film franchise going forward... starting off as a quasi villain in the first film and then if the movie does big numbers being the big baddie in the 2nd film.

I'm telling yall this is the big break we've wanted for him.
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Re: AQUAMAN (James Wan, 2017-2018) (in pre-production)

Postby Tom on 21 Apr 2017, 12:15

I actually think as far as DC goes, the secondary characters standalone films sound more enjoyable than the big ones like Batman vs Superman and Justice League. The bigger ones follow that Avengers formula and throw far too much in. Too many characters, too long, but where they differ is in a big lack of fun. They're so relentlessly serious. Plus Zack Snyder is an awful director. He does money shots but doesn't "direct." He made a superman film that was no fun. His other Marvel films look dull too.

The Wonder Woman trailer looks sort of fun, and she went down quite well in BvS. Aquaman has a good director on board and he wants to go for a mix of Romancing the Stone and Indy Jones, so that means he'll opt to make something fun. Hopefully he'll deliver. Plus we've already great Batman and Superman films. Retreading the ground is boring. It's like all these Spiderman reboots all the time. Dull. I'd rather watch something a little different.

And yes, this could mean a recurring role for D. It's a guaranteed box office hit.
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Re: AQUAMAN (James Wan, 2017-2018) (in pre-production)

Postby TEMIRLAN on 21 Apr 2017, 13:14

thanks, jox. however this will be the biggest thing Dolph has ever done. in the ex4 his face and name will be in the poster for sure unless in the ex3.
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