MALEVOLENCE (Dolph Lundgren, 2017-2018) (pre-production)

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Re: MALEVOLENCE (Dolph Lundgren, 2017-2018) (pre-production)

Postby TEMIRLAN on 06 Sep 2018, 20:54

i hope his co-star will be someone a little bit bigger than adkins. scott now is too dtv. maybe his son from creed 2 whose career is just about to start. or some thomas jane, frank grillo.
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Re: MALEVOLENCE (Dolph Lundgren, 2017-2018) (pre-production)

Postby Jox on 15 Sep 2018, 16:37

It's certain that when Dolph took on THE TRACKER, there was a deal to do this against them helping producing MALEVOLENCE, like the DIRECT CONTACT for COMMAND PERFORMANCE agreement...
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Re: MALEVOLENCE (Dolph Lundgren, 2017-2018) (pre-production)

Postby bomaz on 07 Oct 2018, 12:19

According to his FB / IG post, it's now scheduled to shoot in january. Good to see he's not rushing things (as opposed to some last minute gig).
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