THE EXPENDABLES 4 (2016-2020) (announced)

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Re: THE EXPENDABLES 4 (2016-2020) (announced)

Postby Jox on 07 Feb 2020, 16:12

Tom wrote:I'd rather see this film than A Christmas Story. Flip shit up a bit. A genre melding, mind melting Mandy of an Expendables.

No question, absolutely, could have been awesome!

Also reminds me of the HUNTER novel adaptation that Sly toyed with for RAMBO V, I wouldn't be surprised if this was coming from a rejected concept he had for EX4 that obviously Millennium wouldn't go for (because that's too out there for them so the only way would risk that is if something else proved them first that was a "sure thing" that would bring them insane money returns).
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Re: THE EXPENDABLES 4 (2016-2020) (announced)

Postby dude hallenbeck on 18 May 2020, 02:34

I'd watch this a million times over a generic spin off.
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