IVORY CITY / WARRANT (David Gamburg, 1986-1990) (unproduced)

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IVORY CITY / WARRANT (David Gamburg, 1986-1990) (unproduced)

Postby Jox on 24 Jul 2015, 15:53

Here's another of Dolph's aborted projects that was doomed in "development hell"...

Right after ROCKY IV, Dolph already began to develop projects for him to star in and had notably written two projects for him and Grace Jones (the biking road movie INTERSTATE 10, and NIGHTCLUBBING, sort of inspired by the Sydney night life).

This thriller is one of the first projects that Dolph tried to develop and co-produce, and worked on it from about 1987 to 1990. I think he also wrote or co-wrote part of it. It started as IVORY CITY and became WARRANT.

The first director attached whom he worked on with is a recently emigrated Russian director, David Gamburg, who coached him on ROCKY IV and helped him on MAXIMUM PONTENTIAL and MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE.

Below is an article I just found from Star-News (June 20th, 1990) in which he calls it his "pet project". No word on who was involved and why it was never made.

"I see it [Masters...] as a stepping stone to the other projects I have planned through my Red Orm production company. One is a contemporary action drama about undercover cops in New York City called Ivory City."

- Starburst, December 1987

"Warrant in which he plays a plain clothes detective after drug dealers in New York ""A realistic action thriller which Lundgren has already researched by travelling with the Manhattan Warrant Squad -bulletproof vest and all-during their forays from Harlem to the Bowery"

- Prevue magazine, October 1988

"Set to shoot on location in New York is a street-level cop flick called Warrant, in which he's both cop and co-producer."

- Film Review, September 1990

"On the way of change, Dolph Lundgren just finished a cop movie, Warrant, that he produces for the first time. "I'm working on this project for a long time," he explains. "I hope in the future, I will still be able to produce my movies because I want to get the total control of my career..." "

- Cine Tele Revue, 25 October 1990 (translated from French)

"Warrant is based on the exploits of New York City bounty hunters"

- from Pentathlon pre-production notes
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Re: IVORY CITY / WARRANT (David Gamburg, 1987-1990) (unprodu

Postby Jox on 15 Oct 2020, 12:23

24 January 1986
On his schedule are Warrant, a French Connection-style story of a former cop in New York (...)


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