THE CONTROLLER (Sidney J. Furie, 2004) (unproduced)

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About the new film

Postby theshatman on 05 Oct 2004, 23:55

Does anyone know if the Bulgarian Army will be involved in the shooting of this film? I know they were quite helpful with previous films of this type and they could probably make sure that things stay on track!
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Postby Jox on 18 May 2005, 19:51

I just saw something interesting on imdb in the development of the project THE CONTROLLLER: they're now listing Dolph as the director of the movie, and there's a new production company involved called "Fresh Media Ltd.".

hum... all this remains to be confirmed, when I asked Nu Image a couple of months ago, someone said it was already in the can, reffering to THE CONTROLLER as being THE MECHANIK...
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Postby Terminator on 18 May 2005, 22:19

Bulgaria once more?
Maybe it's kind of beatiful place to shot... but it does really lose it's attraction being optimistic about new movies.
Maybe they could stick back to an older movie, to maintain with new continue sassions or sequels. :)
In hope for someone who could replace the real Dolph one day if he's (hopefully not as soon) out of business...
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Postby Mosquito on 19 May 2005, 13:09

I think it is cheap and ok to film in Bulgaria. More and more productions are shot in those countries where you have cheap but still reliable people.
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Postby hansson55 on 21 Jul 2005, 19:34

The controller is a totaly difrent movie that probobly wont be made
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