10 reasons to visit Dolph-Ultimate

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10 reasons to visit Dolph-Ultimate

Postby Jox on 15 Apr 2009, 00:08


Could give us a proper translation Luigi? :wink:
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Re: 10 reasons to visit Dolph-Ultimate

Postby Luigi on 15 Apr 2009, 00:28

Yes I can try to!
10. It's absolutely the best fan site about Dolph
9. They have detailed information of ALL Dolph's movies
8. At the forums one finds the nicest individuals one can imagine, to debate with
7. If you want to know what is going on in the world of Dolph Lundgren, there is no better place on the web to visit.
6. Competitions with good prices have been a reocurring feature
5. What the dickens was that tagline now again? Answer: Visit Dolph Ultimate
4. There are plenty of reviews to find of Dolph's movies on the site
3. On the site you can find hundreds of articles throughout Dolph's career.
2. The site is about Dolph! Duuuhhhh....

Aaaand number one iiiiss....

One of Dolph's biggest fans and moreover a unique individual with the "movie heart" on the right place runs the page. Jox is his name and with great commitment he has helped to place Dolph on the map, in a world which is full of mediocre actors."

Sorry for my english but it goes something like that! :)
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Re: 10 reasons to visit Dolph-Ultimate

Postby Jox on 18 Apr 2009, 11:03

from http://www.cannonfilms.co.uk/April2009/index.htm

Thanks to –the quite amazing- fansite, Dolph: The Ultimate Guide http://www.dolph-ultimate.com for the heads up on Dean’s article above.


As you can see from the image they’ve been going for over 10 years and it is -for me- simply a perfect fansite. The amount of work that goes into that site is astonishing. A real labour of love for the site owner. I’m sure Mr Lungren has admired it greatly as have Dolph fans.

http://www.dolph-ultimate.com also thought we’d be interested in these great pictures of Menahem Golan and Dolph Lungren from 1986:

Always nice to read outside appreciation! And it comes from another fantastic fansite, Cannonfilms.co.uk!
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Re: 10 reasons to visit Dolph-Ultimate

Postby preacher on 18 Apr 2009, 12:57

This site rocks!
When i first stumbled upon this site many years back I really was´nt that into Dolph.
I was a fan mainly because he was swedish (like me) but I did not know anything about him. I was more into action films in general.
The heart and soul of the site and the forum made me a true fan of the big D.
My point is: The Dolph ultimate guide not only keeps fans, it makes them. That is a sign of awesomeness in a fan-site.
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Re: 10 reasons to visit Dolph-Ultimate

Postby Mosquito on 18 Apr 2009, 13:13

Absolutely, Dolph is a lucky guy because he has such devoted fans who stay with him over the decades. And especially super-devoted fans like Jox and his predecessor. They have built a fan site that - I'm pretty sure about that - is unique in it's amount of info about a star and the long time it has been running and is still run and updated much more often than most official sites. Take a look at Dolph's, Sly's or the other actions stars' official sites and you'll find nothing that comes even close to Dolph Ultimate. I can't thank Jox enough for all that hard work and dedication. I'm sure Dolph appreciates it very much, too, because your work is the base for all this extreme loyalty among his online fans. I'm absolutely happy that I can contribute, too, but your work load is for sure much, much higher than mine. Thank you for that!
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Re: 10 reasons to visit Dolph-Ultimate

Postby Jack Caine on 19 Apr 2009, 02:05

I visit this site every day for those reasons alone because this place absolutely rules. Just Dolph fans chatting about the man himself and getting to learn more about his movies than I wanted! :D
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