I've just adopted a tiger!

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I've just adopted a tiger!

Postby Craigie-Boy on 25 Oct 2008, 15:42

As of yesterday morning. While making the usual social networking rounds on Bebo, Facebook and MySpace, I discovered an ad from the WWF detailing the plight faced by tigers in the wild. It is estimated that there are fewer than 4,000 of these magnificent beasts remaining - their numbers are declining rapidly, due to the following factors:

* They are killed by poachers for their valuable skins.
* They are also killed to provide bones and body parts for some traditional Chinese medicines.
* Their natural prey is also being killed by poachers.
* The biggest threat is human population growth, which increasingly leads to direct conflicts between humans and tigers; a battle which the tigers always lose in the end.

So, I took it upon myself to do my bit to try and protect this species by adopting Malu Pothi, a mature female living in south west Nepal. It's costing me a mere £5 a month, and for my aid, I'm receiving a photograph of Malu, an adoption certificate, newsletters and information about Malu and what's being done to protect her and other tigers, and an obligatory soft toy tiger. £5 per month is a small price to pay to try and ensure the future safety of a species that is on the verge of utter extinction.

A world without tigers is unthinkable. But it's going to happen if we don't stop it.

If any of you feel similarly compelled to try and help the WWF with protecting either the tiger or any of their other endangered species, click the link below:

Thanks, people.
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Postby Darling on 25 Oct 2008, 18:51

Respect!! I do this since many Years by IFAW.I hope there will be more people,which will spend some Money for the poor Animals.The same I do for poor children in the World!
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