What is the last movie you watched?

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Re: What is the last movie you watched?

Postby bomaz on 03 Feb 2017, 14:55

Infernal Affairs 2 : a nice HK thriller, and a pretty good sequel, considering the first one is a really good exemple of HK thriller movies. Excellent acting, and taking place in 1997, the movie is a good one for people who like good characters.

Manchestr By The Sea : excellent movie. Casey Affleck (despite his winny voice ^^) is a good actor and dserves a magnificent character, Michele Williams, despite being in a the movie for a couple of minutes, is talentful. th rest of the cast is really good too, and the story is really well crafted, with a good use of flashbacks.

LaLa Land : a good surprise (i was not hyped by the hype, so my expectations were just for a good movie tby the Whiplash [one of the best movie from this last few years] director). Gosling and Stone (<3) are a great screen couple, there's good movie making (long shots, nice colours) and quite good story telling, in the classical sense. Not the "over the top all time masterpiece that will change your life" that people are seeing in it, but a good movie.

Sleep Tight : A good Jaume Balaguero flick, and you know whjat you're going into : twisted characters, twisted situations and intense film making. I would love Dolph to take these kind of roles.
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