Your top 10 for 2008?

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Your top 10 for 2008?

Postby Tom on 22 Dec 2008, 20:46

Here be mine.

1: No Country For Old Men- Utterly brilliant. It looks amazing and has note perfect performances. Javier Bardem writes himself into movie Villain history.
2: The Dark Knight- Utterly brilliant. It looks amazing and has note perfect performances. Heath Ledger writes himself into movie Villain history.
3: There Will Be Blood- Daniel Day Lewis. It’s all that needs saying. Phenomenal. Paul Dano in support is also exceptional.
4: Wall E- Fantastic flick. It’s brilliantly entertaining, smart, funny, exciting and moving. Pixar are geniuses, and this is possibly their best.
5: JCVD- Who’d have thought Jean Claude Van Damme would make a genuinely good film, and was also capable of such a good performance? I wouldn’t and I’m a fan! He’s superb here. Probably the quirkiest and most surprising film of the year.
6: Iron Man- How a comic book flick should be. Daring casting, particularly Downey Jr as blockbuster leading man, is rewarded tenfold. His Tony Stark is one of the most interesting an engaging characters in the history of comic books to screen adaptations.
7: Juno- Excellent film, hilarious, and has some great lines in it. Ellen Page is excellent.
8: Forgetting Sarah Marshall- Another grade A comedy from the Apatow troupe. Again it blends grounded relatable issues with gross-out and wit. Russell Brand steals the film.
9: Hellboy 2- Gorgeous looking film. It’s stylish, imaginative and evokes great fantasy flicks like Star Wars (particularly with some Lucasesque editing choices). Perlman as Hellboy is superb.
10: Cloverfield- Didn’t have a clue what this film was gonna be like before I watched it. An absolute thrill ride. Really engrossing and tense. It makes poo come out of your backside…just a little.

Overall the year probably hasn’t been all that strong on dramatic fare, or Award friendly flicks (they're piling in just this month and early 09), but for entertainment, there’s been some quality action films and some brilliant comedies. Including Tropic Thunder, Kung Fu Panda, Pineapple Express, and the damn near in there Ghost Town.
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Postby leigh1975 on 15 Jan 2009, 20:36

1) Dark Knight
2) Iron Man
3) Taken
4) Wanted
5) Rambo
6) Forbidden Kingdom
7) Pineapple Express
8 ) Doomsday
9) Tropic Thunder
10) Death Race
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Re: Your top 10 for 2008?

Postby Craigie-Boy on 22 Jan 2009, 02:29

Man, I don't think I even watched as many as ten new movies last year! The ones I did see are...

Indiana Jones & The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull

... and, erm, that's it! Older movies that I saw for the first time last year included Diamond Dogs, The Defender, Switching Channels, Reservoir Dogs and The Mechanik.
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