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Good bye, King of Pop

PostPosted: 27 Jun 2009, 00:38
by Mosquito
My radio is set to 6:29 so I have one minute to wake up before the news. This morning it was like "Huh, am I still dreaming? What are they saying, Michael Jackson is dead?!?"

So it is totally weird, over here all main radio stations talk about nothing else, you hear "Thriller" and stuff everywhere. A legend and a seemingly very weird person has left us.

I can't say I'm was big fan of the person Michael Jackson. I found him very weird and even though I didn't come to a final conclusion I was at least wary regarding all the stuff with kids at his "castle". But all this feels kinda surreal. To you, too?

And then tonight I also read that Farah Fawcett has died. Not unexpected, but still sad. Now most of the people won't even notice, when Jacko dies at the same time.