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The Raid films....

PostPosted: 30 Apr 2014, 15:53
by whiteandblank
All I can say

I watched The Raid 2 in the cinemas, then the first a day or two after (wrong way round I know). In my opinion, they have to up there as two of the best action films ever.

They are planning on doing a Hollywood re-make (surprise surprise) and I think Scott Adkins has to be in it, as as well Dolph too.

If they cna make it half as good as the originals we are still in for a good film.

Re: The Raid films....

PostPosted: 31 May 2017, 20:31
by Scifibuff5
Frank Grillo is one of my top actors and tough guys of this generation so I know he alone will make The Raid remake worth seeing. The original film had a fun premise but there wasn't anything about it that stood out personally, just bland camerawork, fights and wasted potential.