Like He-man? Please help save Masters of the Universe!

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Like He-man? Please help save Masters of the Universe!

Postby Dawn on 26 Jan 2004, 20:58

I am sure most of you are aware that He-man has a new series. Season 2 just wrapped up a few weeks ago in the US and Canada. About 6 months ago, the toys stopped coming. There was a little sold during November and some just recently at K-B. But most every store has dropped the Toyline and there are no new figures planned and as far as we know, possibly no new cartoon episodes coming.

Fans need to make some noise! Please go to and sign the petition to Mattel to help save the line!
He-man is the reason I noticed Dolph and became his fan. I will always be a fan of both and will be very saddened by the demise of the show and toys.

More info on the situation here: ... adid=82612

The Petition: ... adid=82991
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