My yearly top 10

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My yearly top 10

Postby Tom on 28 Dec 2005, 13:21

Top 10 movies 2005.

1-King Kong: Peter Jackson delivers the goods in a fantastic film. Well worthy edition to Jackson’s impressive CV.
2-Harry Potter 4: Dark and engaging this film moves Potter into an adult dimension, and is a superbly dark fantasy film.
3-A History Of Violence: Cronenbergs most conventional film in years is also his best. Engaging, smart and thoughtful, it really hits home when it needs to.
4-Batman Begin’s: For the most part a superb and interesting comic book movie. Dark, pondering and atmospheric.
5-Sin City: Cookie, violent, cool and interesting. It’s a collection of interesting stories, making for a great watch and fantastic cast.
6-The Constant Gardener- A brilliantly written film that surprises and looks fantastic.
7-Serenity: The most surprising and refreshing film of the year. I loved it.
8-Star Wars Episode 3: Lucas finally pulls something out the bag. Despite some chinks in the armour, a mostly interesting and engaging final piece of the Star Wars jigsaw.
9-War Of The Worlds: Spielberg delivers some of the biggest thrills this year and the film is great despite some redundant plotlines added to the 3rd act.
10-Wedding Crashers: A great year for comedies but Wilson and Vaughn’s double act was the funniest. The dinner table scene alone is worth watching.

Other notables: Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, Harold and Kumar, A Very Long Engagement, Wallace And Gromit, 40 yr Old Virgin, Mechanik.

Best Actor:

1-Viggo Mortenson: A History Of Violence
2-Ralph Fiennes: Constant Gardener
3-Tom Cruise: War Of The Worlds
4-Mickey Rourke: Sin City
5-Christian Bale: Batman Begin’s

Best Actress:

1-Naomi Watts: King Kong
2-Maria Bello: A History Of Violence
3-Audrey Tatou: A Very Long Engagement
4-Jennifer Connelly: Dark Water
5-Dakota Fanning: War Of The Worlds

Best Supporting Actor:

1--William Hurt: A History Of Violence
2-Brendan Gleeson: Harry Potter 4
3-Ed Harris: A History Of Violence
4-Ralph Fiennes: Harry Potter 4
5-Ian MacDairmand: Star Wars 3

Best Supporting Actress:

1-Rachel Weisz: The Constant Gardener
2-Barbara Streisand: Meet The Fockers
3-Isla Fisher: Wedding Crashers
4-Summer Glau: Serenity
5-Tilda Swinton: Lion, Witch and Wardrobe

Best Director:

1-Peter Jackons: King Kong
2-Mike Newell: Harry Potter 4
3-David Cronenberg: A History Of Violence
4-Fernando Moreilles: Constant Gardener
5-Steven Spielberg: War Of The Worlds

Best Screenplay:

Josh Olsen: History Of Violence

Best Editing:

Jamie Selkirk: King Kong

Best Musical Score:

James Newton Howard: Batman Begins and King Kong

Best Cinematography:

Roger Pratt: Harry Potter 4

Best Set Design:

Peter Young: Charlie and The Chocolate Factory

Best Production Design:

Grant Major: King Kong

Best Visual Effects:

King Kong

Best Sound:

King Kong

Best Soundtrack:

Harold and Kumar.

Best Hero:
Nathan Fillion: Serenity

Best Villain:

Ralph Fiennes: Harry Potter 4

Worst most stinking movies:

1-Today You Die
5-Black Dawn

Worst Actor:

1-Steven Seagal: Today You Die, Black Dawn, Submerged
2-Wesley Snipes: Marksman
3-Don Wilson: Sci- Fighter
4-Skandar Keynes: Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe
5-Ben Stiller: Meet The Fockers

Worst Actress:

1-Sarah Buxton: Today You Die
2-Cynthia Rothrock: Sci Fighter
3-Tamzin Outhwaite: 7 Seconds
4-Alison King: Submerged
5-Katie Holmes: Batman Begins

Best Action Scene:

Kong’s New York rampage, tied with Cruise and family’s hometwon escape, in War Of the Worlds.

Worst Action Scene:

Anything where Steven Seagal fights.

Biggest Surprise of the Year:

Serenity: Based on a flop TV show and given the standard of TV show to movie transitions, this had every chance of being utter crap. Instead it’s one of the most enjoyable space adventure films in years, probably since Return Of The Jedi.

Most Unsurprisingly Bad film of the year:

Tied between Today You Die and Sci Fighter for two films I knew would be rubbish but sheer morbid curiosity led to me watching them.


The best year I can think of so far, having short listed about 17 films for my top ten. For the most part every big film delivered it’s minimum amount of expectation. Batman was cool again, Sin City was excellent, while Peter Jackson once again rules the cinemas. Even Star Wars was worth watching this year.

The only thing that is annoying is everything has been an adaptation of a comic, a book, or sequels or remakes. The only film in my top 10 that was an original screenplay, not remaking something, was Wedding Crashers. Funnily enough two other great films this year, not based off something else were also comedies. Harold and Kumar, and the 40 Year Old Virgin, both of which really battled hard for the final top 10 spot with Wedding Crashers.

Every area of the movie world has done the business. Action fans have been satisfied and so have those who love a comedy, as well as some great dramatic films. Also as a Dolph Lundgren fan I’m delighted to say that for the first time he has delivered two good movies in one year, both directed by him. His debut behind camera was the entertaining Defender a great siege movie showing off his flair, while The Mechanik was a fantastic old school, violent revenge flick. Head blown off by a shot gun anyone? Okay. The rarity of seeing two good DTV movies is one thing but having seen 4 this year (Wake Of Death, Pit Fighter), and two of them by my main man Dolphy, it’s been a pleasure.

Next year promises to be fantastic, but can it exceed this year? I hope so but it would take some doing.
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