Obscure 80's band anyone?

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Obscure 80's band anyone?

Postby Tom on 14 Mar 2006, 18:47

Listening to a lot of old 80's stuff. At the moment I'm listening to a band my uncle was in in the late 80's. They were called Big Big Sun. They were signed by Atlantic records, but just before the albums release their A&R guy (whatever that is?) got the chop and so did they and then the band split after only one album. The album, called stop the world, was kind of released with no real marketing and only in the USA. However they still sold around 50,000 copies and got a song on Baywatch too. It's a shame cause it was a good album, especially if you like 80's stuff. It;s a little Spandau, a bit Police, a little Duran Duran, with some hints of ABC, Human League, A-Ha and others. Part of the reason it never hit big is it's probably more in the vein of an 82- 85 era band, whereas that type of music was starting to die out by 89. It's well produced though. The guitarist is really good too. Could have done well if handled right.

Anyway if anyones interested in hearing a really obscure 80's band (my uncle is lead singer, keyboardist and writer of the band) I've put the best songs from the album up on Rapidshare.

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