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Meeting a good friend of Matthias Hues and Ralf Moeller...

PostPosted: 05 Jun 2006, 13:11
by Terminator
This weekend was quite obvious to me: I was working out and when I finished my last set, Olaf Tenzer was sitting on a chair, leaning on the bar and talking to my coach. He was once the German Heavyweight champion and actually he wanted to give us members some tips and hints on beefing up with the muscle mass a lot by using the right methods. He's a really nice and pleasant guy and when we were talking about his career, he even mentioned Ralf Moeller and Matthias Hues. His connections to other celebrities are uncountable, not only famous movie stars, even music bands do profitate of his personal training!
So far I heard that Moeller is a real show-off, just bragging with his fame. Tenzer is not and this is what I like about celebrities.
If I think about Dolph, there are similar stages of life I was comprehending they had another "American Dream". For them it finally came true. :)
Hues and his wife are about to open another fitness-business... I'll see what 's upcoming in July.