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PostPosted: 08 Aug 2006, 23:51
by Jox
from the Spanish magazine La Cosa (


03/07/2006 08:19:13 a.m.

John Woo hasn´t the power of Greyskull!! Even when Fox 2000 signed the director of "Paycheck" and "Face/Off" to produce and direct a new live-action adaptation of "He-Man", based on the animated show and action toy line created by Mattel, the director has opted out. Screenwriter Adam Rifkin wrote the script, but Woo decide to shot a movie in his native country instead.
This was going to be the second movie based on the TV series, the first was shot in 1987 with Dolph Lundgren in the main role.

PostPosted: 09 May 2007, 05:12
by Craigie-Boy
Ok, I know this is an old topic, and apologies for digging it up again, but I read today that thre is some new news on the MOTU front...
It seems that Legendary Pictures, the team who brought us Superman Returns, are now giving MOTU their attention. No word yet on a script or anything like that, but apparently Brad Pitt has been mentioned as a possible choice to play the role of He-Man. Obviously, Pitt has some major bulking up to do if he decides to take the part, but if he doesn't, Legendary Pictures have a back-up plan....Gerard Butler, recently seen in the epic movie 300...

PostPosted: 24 May 2007, 21:18
by Jox

PostPosted: 25 May 2007, 11:22
by Dawn
I don't see Brad Pitt taking this role at all. I think they throw his name out there to attract attention. Right now Brad is only at about 160 lbs for a movie. Not that he couldn't bulk up, I just don't see him wanting this role. He usually picks roles with characters that have some psychological element to them.

I really have no idea who would be right for the role though. They need to proceed carefully, this movie would have a lot of expectations to live up to. Most He-Man fans did not care for the first. Most want it on Eternia, Battle-Cat the whole lot of it. Thats a significant budget it would need.

PostPosted: 27 May 2007, 19:13
by Mosquito
Dawn wrote:I really have no idea who would be right for the role though.

The Rock with a blond wig? ;)

PostPosted: 31 May 2007, 15:02
by Dawn
Mosquito wrote:
Dawn wrote:I really have no idea who would be right for the role though.

The Rock with a blond wig? ;)

I love the guy, but the thought of him in a blonde wig really scares me!

PostPosted: 16 Jun 2007, 12:44
by dolphage
So the Brad Pitt thing was just thrown out there to create a buzz, as Dawn suspected. That is since long confirmed.
As far as the first suggestion "Jason Lewis" goes: I hope not! As I recall it He-Man was a dude, not a ten year old girl (There is a clue that supports this theory in his name)
The Rock, of course is not a serious suggestion, but I want to remind you that he is nowwhere near as big as the Dolphster was in MOTU. Neither one is a body builder, they are both tall and athletic in stature, but the D-man had just come of the heavy lifting regime that started with Rocky IV, continued with Red Scorpion (where he is bulkier) and ended with "Masters..". About a year of real heavy lifting.
Are the producer willing to pay/Is the Rock willing to sacrifice a year to bulk up?
Disclaimer:The above calculation is not excact and I cannot support the various claims therein with references to scientific research verifying them. I do, however, kick total ass!
P.S. In retrospect, I wonder why I first discarded The Rock Theory (cool name for a band) and then proceeded to develope it exstensively in my post. Oh, I know why... Just remembered: I´m an idiot! That´s why!

PostPosted: 05 Sep 2007, 20:53
by Jox
Open Letter to Justin Marks - Plus Details on The Masters of the Universe! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Robert Sanchez
Monday, 03 September 2007

Hey Justin, long time fan of He-Man here and I just heard some news that is scaring the crap out of me.

Recently, the powers that be felt that you (being of the right age) would have the pulse of the so-called “Generation X” and would be the perfect person to bring some of the greatest 80’s geek franchises to the big screen.

You’ve been hired to write Voltron, Street Fighter, He-Man and most recently Super-Max (the Green Arrow goes to jail storyline).

I’ll touch up a bit on Voltron. Sure our guys gave your script a good review, you can read it here, but I couldn’t care less for it and it’s for the same reason you’re starting to scare me in regards to the Masters of the Universe.

A good friend of mine called a few days ago and we started talking about He-Man. I was telling him about how I truly believe that He-Man can easily be another Lord of the Rings franchise if done right (I am completely serious on this). Unfortunately, he gave me some very disappointing news. Not good Justin, not good.

Sure the 80’s cartoon was a little (ok a lot) corny and Prince Adam was a bit on the gay side (not homosexual gay, but gay, you know what I mean) but there is truly a great universe there waiting to be explored!

He-Man fans want to see Skeletor, Beastman, Evil Lyn, Mer-Man, He-Man, Man-at-Arms, Teela, Orko, Panthor, Battle Cat, The Sorceress, Castle Grayskull, Snake Mountain and other of our favorite MOTU villains and heroes (ok maybe not Orko so much but definitely everyone else) but most importantly we want to see them on Eternia. Not a special magical place on Earth a la Skull Island called Eternia but a separate planet that has nothing to do with Earth.

Why am I bringing this up right now? Well because I was told the current idea is to make Eternia here on Earth, kind of like a modern day Middle Earth. I don’t like this man and I am sure that fans of the franchise are not going to care for this either. As a matter of fact, I have been told that you are keeping a very similar template when comparing He-Man to your Voltron script…I am telling you, this is destined for failure.

I know the Hollywood spiel, since Voltron is taking place in a futuristic and post-apocalyptic Earth, the movie going audience is going to relate more to the material because the danger is “relatable.” This is the reason you are following the same approach to He-Man and the Eternia universe. Bad call, Ripley, bad call.

It looks like you are trying to be creative and artistic with these properties when you don’t have to be. You don’t have re-invent the wheel and fuck it up doing so.

30 so years ago George Lucas created a universe that had nothing to do with Earth or today, instead it took place a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. Guess what? It worked, we cared for our heroes and we loved the villains and we loved the different planets that we visited.

Am I wrong? Is it not true that the current storyline sets Eternia here on Earth and not as its own planet? Let me know and I will gladly recant.

Justin, let’s just talk about this, send me an email at I would love to hear from you. This could really be a great film with some interesting characters. Just, talk to some fans or check out some fan message boards see what they think a He-Man movie should be.

So what do He-Man fans want from a new Masters of the Universe movie? IESB Readers let me know! Are you for or against me? What’s your opinion? Email me directly, hopefully we can get your ideas to Justin before it’s too late!

Or you can post on our forums and chat with other IESB Members!

By the way, to our readers, if you guys think that this Eternia on Earth stuff is disturbing, you should hear what the plan for Skeletor is!

That's so weird because the first thing people criticized about the first film was the Earth setting...

For some reason, I feel the same thing as the Punisher might happen if they make this new MOTU movie: they'll be saying it's more faithful and yet it's gonna be so bad people will then say the Dolph version was actually good (which I don't mind in a way because in my books there's nothing bad about it, but I'd hate to see MOTU butchered)...

PostPosted: 06 Sep 2007, 14:42
by Dawn
I am glad I didn't read that last night or I would have had nightmares. Why does everyone who gets their hands on MOTU want to butcher it? Personally, I liked the new cartoon from 2002-2003 and thought something similar to that would have been great. Minus maybe Orko who I never really cared for anyway. I am suspecting they do not have faith in this project and are not putting a budget behind it, so they are wanting to use Earth again to be cheap. They should just stop any production plans right now if they plan to do that. I liked the previous MOTU movie, but there are some things missing I would have loved to see. I really don't think fans will come to see this.

PostPosted: 03 Jun 2008, 12:14
by Jox
Latinoreview guys got their hands on the "just delivered" script for the potential new MOTU movie, and it's apparently pretty damn good.
Here's the script review (SPOILERS) ... eview-4765

PostPosted: 15 Jun 2008, 19:01
by Jox
this press release states a Dolph Lundgren figure could be part of the new MOTU collectors toyline (actually the King Grayskull (?) figure below already kinda looks like it) ... heman.html

Mattel announces brand new Masters of the Universe Classics line

By TJ Dietsch
Posted 4/19/2008

After some technical difficulties and the screening of the "Power of Grayskull" episode of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (the second series), Mattel announced the biggest He-Man news in years: they're starting a new 6-inch line called Masters of the Universe Classics that will drop in fall of this year.

The line isn't based on any particular animated incarnation, but more so an update of the feel of the original figures. It has the potential to include figures based on every incarnation of He-Man, though figures of characters that only appeared in the original cartoon may prove a little sticky.

We got a look at the first figure that will be offered to collectors: King Grayskull which will be available at this year's San Diego Comic Con, but there were plenty of other figures mentioned as coming out in future lines (though you'll have to wait till SDCC for more specific information on waves and distribution).

The figures they mentioned in the presentation include He-Man, Skeletor, Hordak, Grayskull, Green Goddess Tila, He-Man's mother, She-Ra, Savage (a.k.a. Wonder Bread) He-Man and even He-Ro, but could even expand to including a Dolph Lungren figure. Depending on sales, this collector-aimed series may even come to include build-a-figures, vehicles and playsets. And Mattel hopes the fans do like the line, they've heard the complaints about the cancellation of the previous series and are trying to make good by the fans.


PostPosted: 21 Jun 2008, 05:30
by Craigie-Boy
Ok, if this line does actually get around to including a figure based upon the likeness of Dolph, how many of you would buy it? How many of you bought a Drago figure from the Rocky toyline?

PostPosted: 22 Jun 2008, 00:04
by Jox
I would (to fulfill a 20 year-old wish).

PostPosted: 06 Jul 2008, 00:42
by manudenis2005
This figure will be realeased.Ebay is full of pre-sales offers for it.
Off topic-next month Neca is realeasing 2 awesome Conan The Barbarian figures that look like Arnie.I can't wait to get my hands on those.

P.S.I just bought last month 2 vintage He Man figures:the one from 1981 and the battle armour version from 1983.That was a dreamcometrue for me.I wanted these figures for a very long time...let's say 20 years...

PostPosted: 26 Sep 2008, 13:10
by Jox
Fan-made teaser poster, keeping the ever awesome intro from the 87 movie as the tagline