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MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE (Gary Goddard, 1987)

PostPosted: 19 Mar 2013, 12:22
by shooby
It's in french, but it's really good :


PostPosted: 01 Apr 2013, 15:58
by Jox
Bad April fool joke. You don't wanna joke around MOTU! ... erse-movie


PostPosted: 25 Jun 2013, 22:32
by Jox
Mattel Wants to Be Designated Master of Masters of the Universe

Mattel Fights 'He-Man' Comic Book Author Over Franchise Rights ... mic-574412

Re: New MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE movie (Jon Chu, 2004-2013)

PostPosted: 27 Jul 2013, 13:11
by Jox
Jon M. Chu Talks Masters of the Universe and His GI Joe Sequel
While that's still in the early stages of development, the filmmaker spoke with SuperHeroHype earlier today and talked a bit about another popular toy line and franchise that he's been actively working on developing, making a new movie based on Mattel's Masters of the Universe for Sony Pictures.

With a really bad 1987 movie having already been made, we asked Chu about his approach to a toy line that's not nearly as grounded in reality as G.I. Joe: Retaliation was and while talking about the work they've been doing, he mentioned that it's more likely that the "Joe" sequel will move forward first, depending on Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's schedule.

"I think that what helps us is knowing what we do in 'Joe' and knowing that 'Masters' has to be very different and has to feel very different, but the script for 'Masters of the Universe' is what really hooked me," he said about the project. "I love 'Masters of the Universe,' but I didn't know necessarily how to make it into a movie until I read the script and thought, 'Oh my gosh, I totally see it. I get how this is going to shake it up, I get how this is different from any other thing,' and it got me really really excited. We're still working on that one and 'Joe' has momentum right now. The audience has been great and they want another one, so we're rushing to get that done and Dwayne has a certain time period so it may end up that 'Joe' goes first in all those things and I don't know if 'Masters of the Universe' will wait for me or where that's going to end up. But right now it's been great. We've been designing a ton of stuff for 'Masters of the Universe' as a really beautiful, grounded, honest world - that's the best way I can describe it. It's everything you want 'Masters of the Universe' to be in terms of the fantasy but not in a way theatrical crazy way. It is actually a gorgeous world that we're doing in the initial visual concepts that we've been making."

Re: New MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE movie (Jon Chu, 2004-2013)

PostPosted: 08 Oct 2013, 09:47
by Jox
It's a never ending story, Jon Chu and Richard Wenk exit the project while LONE RANGER writer is hired for a new pass on the script ... ite-644438

Re: New MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE movie (2004-2013)

PostPosted: 04 Nov 2013, 11:13
by Jox
Gary Goddard, the director of Masters of the Universe and creator of Captain Power and Skeleton Warriors (among other things), has never stopped thinking about Eternia.

In fact, he’s still got an idea for a He-Man movie that he’d love to work on, even more than 25 years after his feature debut brought He-Man (in the form of Dolph Lundgren) to Earth.

And, yes, he thinks whatever happens with the He-Man movie currently in production, that the new filmmakers need to keep Frank Langella, who played Skeletor in Goddard’s version, on as the villain.

In an interview with Goddard and his Phoenix Rising: The Return of Captain Power collaborator Roger Lay, Jr., Goddard said that he’d love to take a swing at the script, if the eventual director of the newest Masters of the Universe film decides he’s not happy with what they’ve got. You directed Masters of the Universe, so what do you think of the fact that once again, that property is a going concern?
Goddard: I think it’s fantastic. I think they should bring Frank Langella back as Skeletor, though; there’s no use going anywhere else. He is the best for that role!

Lay: Gary had a great idea for how they should do Masters again.

Goddard: I’m not going to say that [in an interview]; I’m not going to give that idea away!

Lay: Right, but I’m saying he still thinks about that.

Goddard: I have a cool idea. I think that I have a fantastic approach to that movie and if the appropriate person finally gets there, if they’re not happy with the script, I’ve got a great idea. But regardless, I’m anxious to see what they do. ... man-movie/

Re: New MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE movie (2004-2013)

PostPosted: 28 Nov 2013, 01:33
by Jox ... ned-to-it/

Screenwriter Evan Daugherty Explains To Me His Version Of GRAYSKULL And What Happened To It
“I love HE-MAN too. My first job ever was doing a draft of what was called GRAYSKULL at the time, the previous draft had been done by Justin Marks and that script leaked on the internet, it was actually a really good script. I came on board, I think in 2009, it was still controlled by Warner Brothers studios. And I came on board at the same time as the director was attached at the time was John Stevenson, who had just directed Kung Fu Panda. Really talented director who was actually mentored by Jim Henson, I think he word on I think Dark Crystal or Labyrinth.
So I worked on that, I did a couple of drafts of that, I was actually really, really excited about what that movie could be. I thought that we really nailed the tone of fantasy and sci-fi, which is exactly what property’s all about. I ended up with a draft that I was really proud of, but ultimately… again, who knows why things happened, but basically I turned in the draft and then a little while passed, and then it turned out that Warner Brothers decided to give up the rights to HE-MAN entirely. They gave up the rights, and then now, Sony, Sony picked up the rights to the movie but they basically, for the last couple of years, they started from scratch with a new script. So and I think, I don’t know, last I heard, Channing Tatum was attached to star in it. So that’s the last I’ve sort of heard, but I’d love to see that movie get made too, because I watched so much HE-MAN as a kid on TV, it was ridiculous.”

“I didn’t sort of put a twist on it, I kind of embraced what had been in a lot of the canonical material, which was that: Adam’s father, King Randor, Randor’s brother is Keldor and Keldor was once a human and was at the beginning of my script. But because of a sort of a faustian deal with the devil, Keldor over the course of my draft sort of slowly withered away and became the villain of the story. So we tried to really do almost a Hamlet kind of thing so far as HE-MAN shakespearian, we tried to make it that way, a sort of like the young Henry V. Adam is sort of a disappointment to his father, Randor. His uncle sort of tries to appeal to Adam and tried to bring him over to the dark side. Of course, all ultimately fell on Adam. So we had a lot of fun with that. But again, I have no idea what they’re doing in Sony.”

Re: New MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE movie (2004-2013)

PostPosted: 28 Nov 2013, 07:25
by dude hallenbeck
If this ever does get off the ground, I hope that if Dolph does have a role, no matter how small, it doesn't take away something interesting like Skin Trade or Nordic Light.

Re: New MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE movie (2004-2013)

PostPosted: 28 Nov 2013, 09:47
by Jox
I don't know if this will ever get made (personally I'd much prefer it doesn't) as it's been in turnaround from studio to studio, writer to writer and director to director for the past 10-12 years. Although that's not uncommon in Hollywood so you never know...

Re: New MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE movie (2004-2013)

PostPosted: 28 Nov 2013, 12:51
by dude hallenbeck
Hancock, Watchmen, John Carter and I Am Legend all had far more insane development periods. You never know. But it will happen. They'll make it look dark and gritty to capture the Game of Thrones audience too.

But still, I'll take a Skin Trade or a Nordic Light any day of the week.

Re: New MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE movie (2004-2013)

PostPosted: 16 Dec 2013, 23:07
by Jox
While promoting Renny Harlin's HERCULES, Kellan Lutz wants a shot at the title:
When can we do another He-Man movie!

Been way to long!

One of my favorites!

"By the power of Greyskull!!!

Let's go.

Thank you!

Re: New MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE movie (2004-2013)

PostPosted: 03 Jan 2014, 01:06
by Jox
Jon M. Chu On Dropping Out Of HE-MAN

G.I. Joe: Retaliation director Jon M. Chu on why he had to drop out of the He-Man & The Masters of the Universe live-action movie. "It was timing. We did so much for Masters, and the script is awesome."

Chu recently left the director's seat on the He-Man adaptation and shared the reasoning behind that decision, stating, "It was timing. We did so much for Masters, and the script is awesome. I love that project. I would have loved to do it. The problem with Joe is that we have a specific timeline and I need to be on that timeline. Masters wasn’t ready to go, at that moment. And I have a loyalty to G.I. Joe. I don’t feel like I’ve fulfilled the promise I gave, to bring everything I love about Joe to the script. I feel like we did a lot of foundational stuff. We cleared the way. We brought the movie back to life, but at the same time, there’s so much more to do, to make it even better. I learned a lot on the last one, and I want to put that into practice and make this one even better, and make it have life for many, many movies in the future, whether I’m doing them or not." ... PFW0Cry.99

Re: New MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE movie (2004-2013)

PostPosted: 03 Jan 2014, 19:41
Damn, this director was kinda interested in Dolph's involvment in the movie. Other director (whoever it was) will most likely ignore Dolph.

Re: New MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE movie (2004-2013)

PostPosted: 03 Jan 2014, 19:45
by Jox
You know despite what he politely said in an interview, I think Dolph has little interest doing a cameo (especially now that he seems set to focus on producing and directing his own projects for a while). Would have to be really special or good timing for a fun walk-in for him to be involved. Anyway it looks like it's on for another couple years of development hell (if this ever gets made)...

Re: New MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE movie (2004-2013)

PostPosted: 11 Jan 2014, 11:53
by Jox
If this ever gets made, the 1987 might be rehabilitated just like THE PUNISHER was... ... directors/
Well, the time has come for me to admit something. I love HE-MAN. I grew up with the cartoon, the figures and even in my thirties, took a shot at scripting the damn thing at Silver Pictures (ask Kristian all about it).

The project moved from Silver to Legendary at one point and then, into development hell where Sony picked it up finally and got to work. That’s a lot of development for a 80′s television series.

And then… The Hollywood Reporter drops some news in October that Terry Rossio (Pirates, Lone Ranger) had been tapped to come in for some clean-up. And all the while, Jon M Chu (GI JOE: RETALIATION) was attached to direct.

Not so!

From the desk of the Phantom comes word that He-Man is now close to happening, Jon M Chu dropped out and they have now offered the picture to a bunch of VERY INTERESTING directors.

Now, bias aside, because of my love for He-Man I want to see Sony do something special with this. Believe me, I read a lot of scripts for the project that never fully captured the magic and sci-fi mix all in a great little movie package. But with these directors The Phantom is saying Sony is looking at… perhaps there is room for a good He-Man movie after all?

The names are pretty stellar in the Sci-Fi world and are as follows: Joe Cornish (ATTACK OF THE BLOCK), Rian Johnson (LOOPER), Andy Muschietti (MAMA), Kirk DeMicco & Chris Sanders (THE CROODS) and Phil Lord and Chris Miller (21 JUMP STREET).

Okay, those are a lot of directors and it could shake out in a hundred different ways. But I thought it fascinating to post for you all in Schmoeville to see the kind of things that go on behind the scenes and just how varied and lengthy a list can be.

I’ll say it now – if anyone should get this it should be Rian Johnson. I would love to see through his eyes what Eternia should be and I know we would get something special…. (script pending Rossio!).

The rest of the names are interesting but wildly divergent. I get Joe Cornish who was recently rumored to take up STAR TREK 3 from JJ so I get that… The other names, aside from MAMA’s director Muschietti, have roots in animation. If they are trying to strike a good tone for the movie and give fans of He-Man something to chew on I would stick with the first two and throw a money tree at them to get them on board. (Yes, I also endorse Cornish).

He-Man is magic and Sci-Fi – a tall order to get right on screen and with Terry Rossio writing, I am sure they are making this kid friendly and accessible to all audiences. So with a Johnson or a Cornish helming, perhaps we can get some grit and fun? My two cents.

Rian Johnson could make something interesting but I it's probably not up his alley.

Senior Vice President of Columbia Tristar Pictures DeVon Franklin posted this on Instagram:
Any Masters of the Universe fans out there!? Mattel just sent me this vintage Castle Grayskull! Takes me back to my childhood! I'm working on bringing the new He-Man movie to the screen. We start production this year! #mastersoftheuniverse #heman #ihavethepower