Bill Wallace on Dolph Lundgren, C. Norris, Bob Wall and JCVD

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Bill Wallace on Dolph Lundgren, C. Norris, Bob Wall and JCVD

Postby Jox on 04 May 2011, 13:37

Dolph had already mentioned he trained with kickboxing champion Bill "Superfoot" Wallace who was looking for a tall sparring partner for his fight against Thomas Herns ... van-damme/
It was 1 o’clock, and I was sitting at Jun Chong’s taekwondo school in Los Angeles getting ready to work out. In walked Dolph Lundgren, 6 feet 5 inches tall and built like a brick [outhouse].

He said, “You’re Bill Wallace, right?”

I said, “Yeah, and you’re Dolph Lundgren.”

I stood up and shook his hand. He asked if I trained there a lot, and when I said yeah, he said, “Wow, I’d love to work out with you sometime.” I said, “See you here tomorrow.”

The next day, Dolph Lundgren walked in at 1 o’clock. We stretched before working out a bit, then he told me he was the Swedish kyokushinkai champion and asked if I wanted to spar. I said, “Well, you’re 6 feet 5 inches, and I’m 5 feet 10 inches … yeah, I don’t care, let’s spar.”

So we were moving around, and I nailed him with a side kick to the ribs, and down he went. I said, “Jeez, are you OK?”

He said, “Yeah, this is not quite like the movies, is it?”

I really respected him for that.

Dolph Lundgren got up, and I kicked him a couple of times in the head. He hit me a few times, too, but his hand work needed some help. We’d get in close, and I’d nail him with left hooks to the head. You’d figure he’d be better trained with his fists after making a few boxing movies, but that’s all they are: movies. It’s all set up. Dolph Lundgren was a good kickboxer, though, and he made hard contact. We trained like that for a couple of weeks. I always took him to Fatburger afterward.

Then, as you might expect, Dolph Lundgren had to go work on a film, so we stopped training together. I saw him in 1988 when I was in Sweden doing a series of seminars and he was getting married. We gave each other a big hug, and he invited me to his wedding. That’s the last time I saw him.

Dolph Lundgren is a good guy and a good fighter. I can honestly say he’s the most athletic of the famous people that I’ve trained. He was able to do everything.

What he mixed up is that this was circa 1988 and then they met again in Sweden when he was doing seminars and Dolph got married in 1994
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Re: Bill Wallace on Dolph Lundgren, C. Norris, Bob Wall and

Postby Mosquito on 04 May 2011, 23:42

We did it my way, and he liked it. Lucky for Jackie Chan or I’d have had to kill him.

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Re: Bill Wallace on Dolph Lundgren, C. Norris, Bob Wall and

Postby Dawn on 10 May 2011, 03:50

I love stories like these. They are the most fun to read. I would love to see a few stories from other people in his book as well. I find most people tend to be too modest when they are writing about themselves and its nice to hear perspective from someone else.
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