Dolph at Golf Tournament

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Dolph at Golf Tournament

Postby Dawn on 12 Sep 2005, 03:02
Tennis player Kafelnikov makes golfing debut

21:07 | 15/ 08/ 2005

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MOSCOW, August 15 (RIA Novosti sports writer Mikhail Smirnov) - Former world number one tennis player from Russia Yevgeny Kafelnikov made his debut as a golfer over the weekend, playing at the international Cadillac Russian Open tournament in Nakhabino, outside Moscow.

Neither Kafelnikov nor any of the other three Russians competing made it to the finals of the tournament, held at the Le Meridien Moscow Country Club. A total of 156 athletes from 24 countries took part. Kafelnikov finished ninth, but appeared unperturbed by the result and told reporters he would now spend more time trying to learn the many nuances of the game.

Sweden's Mikael Lundberg clinched gold, earning $88,330 out of the tournament's $500,000 prize pool.

Kafelnikov, 31, quit professional tennis two years ago having won two Grand Slam singles titles. As a golf amateur, he played at the TransTeleCom Pro-Am fixture. Last year he was elected First Vice President of the Russian Golf Federation.

Kafelnikov was not the only international celebrity at this year's Cadillac Russian Open. Its glamorous lineup also included Hollywood actors David Carradine and Dolph Lundgren.
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