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Who were His Best Villains...

Cary Hiroyuki Tagawa
Frank Langella
Bruce Payne
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Matthew Heus
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Postby Mosquito on 17 Feb 2004, 16:38

The Rock is in fact a very good idea. Even if Dolph would be the bad guy (and he has shown in UniSol that he is a very good bad guy!) it would be great to see it. Or they could be a team of space privateers smuggling things and doing exciting stuff. Hm... yeah, that would be nice!
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Postby bomaz on 17 Feb 2004, 18:58

I personnaly like Bruce Payne !! But my favourite vilain is Cary Hiroyuki Tagawa !!!!
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Postby hansson55 on 21 Feb 2004, 11:15

The biggest chance for Dolph to hit the cinemas is if he co-stars in a bigger budget film as the bad guy. He has done this before and the films have all been successes. Dolph have always made his character to something every one remembers, so I think he needs more promotion like that.
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Postby Mosquito on 21 Feb 2004, 20:19

Well, Johnny Mnenonic hasn't been a success. Which I still don't understand btw.
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Re: Villains 4 Dolph

Postby shooby on 27 Mar 2004, 12:32

khurram112 wrote:Yes Johnny Mnemonic was not a sucees but still it got a Theatrical Release.Right Now Dolph Needs a Theatrical release . He should work as a villain against any Major Hollywood star.
It would atleast get him in the limelight.

Dolph Still Kicks Ass!

He could be with a curent star too, for beating with another vilain ???
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